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About The Victims

This information was gathered from Newspaper articles and websites.

The Victims

Left to right:  Chris Byers, Michael Moore an Steve Branch

They were in the second grade at Weaver Elementary School, the school located just a couple doors down from the homes of Byers and Moore. Each household had two children and the loss was particularly harsh on the sibling. Each had achieved the rank of "Wolf" in the local Cub Scout pack.

Michael Moore enjoyed wearing his scout uniform even when he was not at meetings. He was considered the leader of the three. He lived with his parents, Roy Todd and Diana Moore and his nine-year-old sister, Dawn.

Steve "Stevie" Branch taught himself to flip and make karate moves like the Ninja Turtles. He bought a birthstone ring for Michael Moore's sister, Dawn. He had a pet dog named King and a pet turtle. He was an honor student. He lived with his mother, Pamela Hobbs, his stepfather, Terry Hobbs, and a four-year-old stepsister, Amanda.

Cristopher Byers was hyperactive and naturally curious. He enjoyed swimming. He was nicknamed "Worm" because he squirmed so much. He lived with his mother, Sharon Melissa Byers, his stepfather, John Mark Byers, and his stepbrother, Shawn Ryan Clark, aged 13. According to his mother, he was a typical eight-year-old. "He still believed in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. He liked to play in the dirt with trucks. He liked to color."

Michael Moore. b. July 27, 1984 in Key West, FL.
Sister: Dawn Moore of West Memphis, AR.
Parents: Roy Todd and Diane "Dana" Moore of West Memphis, AR.
Uncle and aunt: James F. Moore and Linda Carson Moore of Marion, AR.
Maternal grandmother: Carolyn Howard, OK.
Maternal great grandmother: Louise Smith, OK.
Paternal grandparents: James and Georgia Landrum of Memphis, TN.
Great grandmother: Mae Pugh, West Memphis, AR.

Christopher Byers. b. June 23, 1984, Memphis, TN.
Mother: Sharon Melissa Byers. b. Jan. 16, 1956. d. Mar 29, 1996.

Half-brother: Shawn Ryan Clark of West Memphis, AR
Her parents: Kilbourn A Defir (1924-2004) and Doris C Defir, Memphis, TN.
Maternal uncle: Dennis Defir, Horn Lake, MS (residence 2004)
Father: Ricky Lee Murray, b. July 1961
Stepfather: John Mark Byers.
(Family below are through stepfather)
Step-uncle and aunt: Sonny and Marilee Simpson of Little Rock, AR
Step-aunt: Beth Cossey of Jonesboro, AR.
Step-uncle: George W. Byers of Memphis, TN.

Stevie Branch. b. November 26, 1984 in Blytheville, AR.
Mother: Pamela Hobbs of West Memphis, AR.

Brother: Dillan Gordon Branch of Osceola, AR.
Maternal grandparents: Jack and Marie Hicks of Blythesville, AR
Father: Steve Branch of Osceola, AR.
Stepmother: Sherri Branch of Osceola, AR.
Paternal grandparents: Billy and Geneva Branch of Earle, AR.
Step-father: Terry Hobbs of West Memphis, AR.
Step-brother: Bryan Hobbs of Malvern, AR.
Step-sister: Amanda Hobbs of West Memphis, AR.
Greatgrandparents: Stacey Hicks of Gobler MO, Bonnie Hale of Cooter, MO.
Willie and Lola Fitzhugh and Almeda Branch, all of Earle, AR.

[residences were for 1993]
The Families

Melissa and Mark Byers
(Mark is the Stepfather of Chris Byers. He legally adopted him and had his name changed.)

Ricky Lee Murray, Christopher Byers' Biological Father

From left: Pamela and Terry Hobbs, Parents of Stevie Branch
Todd and Diane Moore, Parents of Michael Moore

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