Friday, August 5, 2011

Time Warp

Buenos Tardes fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,

     I want you all to know how much I truly appreciaite you reading my blog. It has been a wonderful journey through the up's and down's of courtcases. But I want to change directions now. For nearly all my posts, I've ranted about how guilty Casey Anthony is. I've blugeoned the Constitution, I've even said I don't understand how defense lawyers sleep at night. But I am woman enough to admit when I've not looked at the whole picture, try as I might to do so, and failing... epically.

     I want to take you back. Back to 1993. Summer. Hot. Rancid weather that would keep most of us indoors just for the sake of breathing. Those of you from Arkansas can relate to that 'take-your-breath-away' heat index. But in 1993, kids were the same kids they are today, playing outside, sweating like pigs and drinking gallons of water when you finally can coral them indoors. In West Memphis, Arkansas, there were 3 boys who fit that description. Playing outside after school one day in May. But there bedtime stories would not be heard, their nightly routines of brushing their teeth would not come to pass. Heaven wanted them home, and a cruel person with masochistic tendencies would ensure it. For them, the beginning was their end.

     Many of you are aware of these murders, the cruel, heartless, despicable deaths of 3 little boys. They were Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Stevie Branch.  West Memphis Police were in a race with nature to find the perpetrator(s) who committed these crimes, but more so, it was a race against intellect, preservation and ethics. It was a race against physics, a race against time and the ultimate, a race against other beliefs. Because when police were advised the children were missing -- one little event occurred that would have put the case to an end just as fast as it had began. And so many questions have yet to be answered. But before I begin with the case, please keep in mind that I am solely out for justice. In any event, justice should be found for all persons. This is not a one sided case and I choose to point out ALL the issues, not just those I like. As MLK JR said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

     Over the next few weeks, I will bring back to light, the case of the West Memphis Murders. I'll provide you with information found from documentaries, websites and books written about the case. It is not my intention to harm or exhibit distrust in any person or offical office, however, the truth must come out...

     Stay tuned!

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