Monday, August 15, 2011

Writers Response

Wow! I've never had that many replies to any one post in my entire life -- and I've posted about children being murdered, slaughtered, sold, turned into sex slaves, etc, and the one topic that gets wide attention is the fact that a murderers family photos are posted on a blog that are also posted on their spouse's myspace page! I wish I could this many people interested in ending Child Abuse on a larger level! Don't just preach about a photo online, but actually BE THE VOICE for children who are Abused and Neglected! Join me?

I expect 21 new page likes based on the feedback from the previous blog about Shawn Morgan... Or are you just hypocrits?

Mix of emotions at that right now. I can't decide whether to remove the photos or leave them. If I remove them completely, no one will have the opportunity to see them unless they search for them. If I leave them, I will continue to alienate my readers and I do not want that type of bad publicity, as my blog is to speak out for justice, not taint the public with the belief that I am a soulless creature determined to ruin the lives of those who are innocent for the sake of attention... So not me! Completely opposite in fact. I want to make known the issues at hand and show a true and genuine concern for the truth -- albeit a confession or a case gone disasterously wrong in sight of Lady Justice.

So, I have come to this conclusion -- and so people will no longer flood my inbox out of concern for the innocent -- I am removing the photos! But, I will paste the link to Tonya's Myspace page so that anyone who wants to see the photos can, at their leisure and their discretion. The only one who will then be responsible is Tonya, who failed to protect her page by blocking it's viewable content. If you have children and you post photos on a social networking site, take the precautions to prevent them from being seen by those you do not want to have access.

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