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Who is Shawn Morgan

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     I want you to take a moment and think about your neighbors. Some of you have hundreds, some of you have one... and if your like the majority of southerners who are tired of people in general, your closest neighbor is a mile or two away. But in Senath, Missouri, most are fairly close. And in Senath, you have a relationship with your neighbors. You watch out for each other, speak to each other, even share recipes and garden goods with each other. But the one thing you never think about; the one thing you could never imagine: your neighbor killing your child.

     Senath is a fairly small town. Some 2,000 or so people. I want you to imagine you never lock your doors, you let your children play outside without standing 'right over them'. Because in Senath that is how it used to be. Until August 6, 2011. On this day, a simple man, a neighbor, someones husband, father, brother, uncle, nephew, son and fellow church member done the unthinkable. He took someones child and ended her life. He took a three year old, reportedly suffocated her and then disposed of her bike and her body.

Meet Shawn Morgan
Now, don't let your eyes play tricks on you. This man is married, with three children. One boy and two girls. His wife's name is Tonya M. Morgan. And when I learned this man was the person responsible for BreeAnn Rodriguez's disappearance, I began a mission to find out who he really is. All information was obtained from online websites.

Over the course of two hours, I had found out that he and his wife had lived in Kennett and Senath, Missouri as well as Paragould, Arkansas. He has an alias of Shawn D. Morgan and Shawn S. Morgan. His address is listed on as 116 Ode Johnson Street in Senath, Missouri. He was born in October of 1968. He married Tonya M. Morgan and had three children. She is a Sagittarius according to her myspace page.

And on that same page, a simple 20 friends were listed. Granted, she had not been on that page in a while; nearly 3 years. But something I found interesting. She dressed as a devout Pentecostal woman. Her friends were definitely affiliated with the same religion. Looking at one friends page, Michelle Masters-Crider, I noticed she was employed with the Kennett Police Department as a dispatcher. Again, it had been some time since that page had been accessed by the user as well. Back to Tonya's page, I find "Mr. Preacherman". Finding that an odd nickname for a Myspace page, I click it. And to my surprise, he is a churchgoer... who is also a police officer for the Kennett Police Department. But that is on Tonya's page, not Shawn's. I could not find any social media sites that he uses, nor could I find any blogs or pictures, except for what was on his wife's myspace page.

(Read this post for info on the photos and the writers choice to remove them from this blog)

To see Tonya's Myspace photos, visit her page.  UPDATE 8/16/11 -- Page has been disabled.

So turning my attention to Shawn, because he is the one in question, I discovered a little bit more. He graduated in 1986 from Senath Hornersville High School. According to other sources, Shawn was employed by Tenaris, a steel pipe manufacturing plant, the nearest being in Blytheville, AR.  Authorities at this hour are working near Cottonplant, which is due east of Senath and is the main route to Blytheville, if he did in fact dispose of the body in that location.

Tenaris Hickman Facility in Blytheville, Arkansas

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In addition to his background, it was rumored that Shawn Morgan made a terroristic threat on a previous employer, Prestolite Wire in Paragould. He was not only fired but had criminal charges brought upon him. The FBI was involved with that issue about 9 years ago, but as of this blogpost, I was unable to confirm or deny that rumor. UPDATE click here.
According to public records, on July 20, 2000, he received a driving infraction for failure to have a person under the age of 16 properly safety belted in the front seat. His fine: $10.00.

Something a little stronger on the issue of lack of responsibility. In 2008, a CC Cert of Lein - DOR Taxes case was brought before the court. Shawn and Tonya had failed to pay their taxes. $489.00 in taxes due, plus interest at $28.22, additional fees at $24.45 and the lein fee of $4.50 brought the total to $546.17.  This was the property tax due for their home. The county sued in September of 2010 for the past due taxes, according to public records..

I've yet to find any information on his wife's employment. However, another rumor is floating that his wife came back from a mini-vacation of sorts and said he was acting strangely and turned him in herself. A local blog chat member stated they work at Tenaris-along side Shawn Morgan and his employer stated that Shawn Morgan did not report for work the night the little girl went missing.

     We all want to hope and and pray that this little girl is alive, but having been told by police officials that she was suffocated, it's hard to have faith even the size of a mustard seed. All we can do now is pray she is found, give her the proper burial she deserves and see to it that punishment is carried swiftly and harshly for the man named Shawn Morgan.

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