Monday, August 1, 2011

Cracker Jack Government

     Hello fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,

     You all remember the fun little box, red, white and blue and filled to rim with the delicious carmel coated popcorn. The sweet-salty flavor, the crunch, the laughter. Oh, and you can't forget the fun little prize! So you can see the similarities and differences between that delicious treat and our government, right?

     Let me break it down for you. Cracker jack box is red, white and blue. Our national colors are red, white and blue. The box contains popcorn filled to the rim. Capitol hill contains members of house, senate, and sub-committees filled to the rim. That box is full of carmel covered popcorn. Our government is full of shit! The popcorn is sweet and salty. Our government leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The popcorn has a great crunch. The government crunch is from your teeth breaking off from grinding them so hard. Cracker Jacks causes laughter, the government causes tears. You get a nice little prize in the Cracker Jack box. With the government; Surprise! We're not going to use lubricants!

     When I was in high school, my civics teacher taught me a lot. But the one thing I remember is that in politics, you don't get anything for free. Politics is best defined as 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours'. But you see readers, my back isn't itching. I don't want them to touch me. I don't want them to think about touching me. I don't want them to pass a bill that says they are thinking about touching me. I want them to leave me the hell alone. (End rant). 

     You've all heard of Ponzi right? The greatest pyramid scheme and efficiently named from the master mind behind it. People pay in, pay in, pay in, then when it's time for them to get their money, oops, sorry, it's not there anymore! Ummm, social security, anyone? Anyone? For years I've been asking myself, how in the hell did this thing pass? Then, like all wonderful self-realizing epiphanies, it hit me. The government passed it because they seen how well it worked for Ponzi. But that is until this generation came along. See, we are the righter's of wrong when it comes to our government. We are not stupid. We are not dumb. We are the call it like we see it generation. And I'm calling bull shit! There is no way on God's green earth, with ALL the money that is paid in by working people, on a weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly level to have a feeling the money is going to 'run out'. Unless someone has had their hands in the damn cookie jar!

   Enter: Epiphany #2... The government, with all their greedy, sneaky, conniving, manipulating, open hands out, they took what they wanted. Government+money=power... But, giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys -- they are going to get in trouble! And they have. This whole debt limit, we won't agree, kiss my ass bullshit has to end.

     I sat down Saturday night, dark thirty, flipping through the channels after everyone else had went to bed. I seen infomercials on skin care products, Trojan - whip your hair back - vibes, hold-your-stomach-in underwear, get-it-up male enhancers, fountain-of-youth make-up and the list goes on and on and on. Then I landed on Cspan. Yes, that channel you NEVER watch because all you see are political jackasses wearing suits pretending to do something beneficial, the whole while, they are sitting behind a desk scratching their balls like George does his head, right before he realizes that tree's don't move! Needless to say, it was boring as hell!

                                               I kid you not. Grown men yielding minutes and seconds and introducing specific speakers like it's a damn talk show -- and they didn't even do that well! Jerry Springer has them beat! I was just waiting to see the drag queen doing his daddy walk onto the floor talking about, "don't you be aksin me for money you dirtbag, I told you... You ain't got it good nuff for more money!"...

     Seriously? The fact of the matter is this. Our government, the people we ELECT into office has about as much business making and passing laws as a man does giving birth! The only way the people will ever win the right to be heard is to stop doing what they EXPECT us to do and do what NEEDS to be done. Not that I know what that is, I'm merely a pissed off college student that is sick and fucking tired of being badgered, berated, belittled and condemned by our current government. Enough is enough!

     That went longer than I anticipated. My apologies. But now you know how I feel about it. What say you? Oh and for the record: Poly/i: many, tic/ks: blood sucking parasites... Politics: Many blood sucking parasites! Ok, I'm finished now!

     Until tomorrow,

PS. This blog was not intended to harm any person who is of a different race or sex. I'm just pissed!
Enjoy some Cracker Jacks!

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