Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tragedy Strikes in My Own Town

Daily Quote: "The dove descending breaks the air, with flame of incandescent terror."
***There are several discrepancies to the entire story. I will address them after the facts of the situation.**

     Hello fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,
     For many, a missing child is an event to fill a news station's time slot. For other's it is a realization that the world isn't all shiny and gold as once thought to have been. And yet, for others, a missing child is a tragedy. An event that should stop everything, every business, every deal, everything, so all effort can be put into finding the person that is missing. And the latter should be what is done -- but it isn't. Not by everyone.

     In Chicago, a person is missing every 30 minutes. According to the US Census Bureau, 12,830,632 live in Chicago. Suppose reproduction of human life were to cease in that city. Suppose no one moved in, or out. Suppose life would not end because of illness or accidents. Do you know how long it would take for everyone to become 'missing'? I'll tell you. 732 years. Now, look at the population of Paragould -- 24,855. While rural areas are smaller and more well known, the disappearance of a persons child is just as important as the big city.

     The Ware Family in Paragould has now felt that hopelessness. Their sixteen year old son, Zach, disappeared on July 25, 2011. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt, jeans and black Nike shoes. He had left his home around 6:30am to head out to football practice, then to work, then later to a football scrimmage. He told his parents he would be home by 10:30pm. July 26th, his parents notified authorities when their son failed to return home.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Under The Influence

“... if any man espouse a virgin, and desire to espouse another, and the first give her consent, and if he espouses the second, and they are virgins, and have vowed to no other man, then he is justified.”  - Doctrine and Covenants, Section 132, verse 61 (Taken from a Mormon website.)

     Hello fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,

     Today's society is under the influence. Not just from drugs and alcohol. Electronics, pornography, wealth, and fame are but a minuscule few. However the one most discouraged in topical conversation: Religion. And if you are a frequent visitor to either of my blogs, you know where I stand when it comes to organized religion and the belief that one preacher-man can take us all to heaven, his way is THE right way and his 'take' on the good book is the only one matters, all other denominations are wrong, so on and so on...

     With that being said, I thought I would jump right in to the Warren Jeffs Trial. Jeffs, a fifty-five year old man from Texas, is charged with sexually assaulting two girls, 17 and 12, whom he later married. These charges carry a sentence of up to life in prison. He is also facing an October trial for a bigamy charge. He alleges to have 70 wives. And he fired his defense counsel and chose to represent himself.

     So what is polygamy? Polygamy is marriage to two or more wives. The first recorded polygamist was Lamech who took unto himself two wives (Genesis 4:19). And the same goes for Abraham and even Solomon. But God did not command this. These acts were done because these men rejected God's plan out of the hardness of their hearts.

     But this strange word is not something new... well, not new to history. Polygamy dates back to religious sects such as Hinduism and Buddhism. But they were merely copies of something much older and manifested. In Egyptian times, the more wealthy would participate in polygamy. Pharaohs practised polygamy which helped to seal alliances, establish their dynasties and resolve questions of succession. In instances were polygamy was practised one of the women would be named as the main wife and enjoyed a special and higher status compared to any other wives. In addition, the average age for an Egyptian woman to marry was 14 -- the man's average age was 20.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Real Daddy Gets Dirty with his Kids...

Alright... I know what you're thinking... But I promise, you are WAY WRONG! See, we live in a world today where things are taken out of context. Where the good behavior is clouded with judgement and opinion and negative outlooks on life. But in my little piece of heaven, our four children adore their father and can't think of anything better than getting dirty right back. Had to share this with you all! Hope you enjoy!

Until tomorrow,

A Grandmother's Justice

Hello fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,

     While I often reminisce about my up-bringing, I often see my grandmother's face. She was the one who reared me into the woman you see today. But that doesn't mean our relationship has always been perfect. No, I was not a trouble-maker, nor did I do things I shouldn't have done (mostly), but I did have respect for others always. You wouldn't catch me back talking, rolling my eyes, or doing that 'attitude laden head shake' that I've seen many teens do when speaking to their parents. For one, I wanted to keep my head firmly attached to my neck, and if I'd dared to try any of those, uh, yeah, it would be a mile away from the rest of my body. Not to mention there'd be some teeth missing if I managed to say it before the slap. But I don't think it was abuse. She never done it out of anger, and more so, she didn't have to do it but maybe twice. I learned fast.

     But today, children are less respectful. They are arrogant, self-centered, and suffer the severely damaging "ME SYNDROME". And I try my hardest to instill in my children the rights, morals, ethics, and common sense (that one is really lacking in the world) in them, hoping they will take these bits of information and put them to good use when they mature. And part of me thinks that will work wonders and they will use it to become excellent members of society.

     Enter THEIR grandmother. My mother. She has always been a unique individual. Never seeing the glass half full and believing that if you aren't for her... you are against her. And she is a co-dependent. She is an enabler, and she is 51. Now, age does not play a factor in this, other than she is at the prime of her life when those ways are getting 'set in'. And I fear the worst when she starts handing out anecdotes of advice to my children. She would never intentionally do anything to harm them, or to get them in trouble. But she sees spite as a way of dealing with anger. I see it as, "turn the other cheek, Karma has GPS!"

     Today, like any other summer vacation days, my oldest son ventured down the road to the neighbors house to see if his friend could come out and play. This friend makes it a point to frequently visit our house and Kris was the only kid not napping, so I told him he could see if she wanted to play. He comes back 10 minutes later, heartbroken. "Her mom said she was playing with her cousin and couldn't come out, but she would tell her I came by." Now, to some, this would be normal. But to my mother, this was insanity. This little girl has been to our house at EVERY event we've had. Memorial Day party, 4th of July, Labor Day, you name it... And even when our nieces and nephews are here, we do not turn her away. Kids want to play with kids, right?!?

     So, I'm silently thinking about this situation, wondering what could be done to encourage my son that sometimes it's OK to not play. But my mother, the one who said, "If you're not for me, you're against me," didn't see it that way. I try to explain to mother and to my son that it is OK, that kids will be that way and that he needs to learn to stand up for himself. Fast forward about 2 hours. Kris says, "Mom, can I see if she can come out and play now?" Sure son, go check.

     He comes back shortly, same sad look on his face. I ask what happened. He said, "her dad came to the door and said she couldn't come out at all cause her cousin was spending the night." I try to soften this to him by explaining that sometimes when girls like you, they secretly don't want to let anyone else know, so they stay away from you in mixed company. Mom, on the other hand goes into the long, drawn out story about when she was little, having a crush on her cousin, then proceeds to explain her 'view' of the situation, stating this little girl and her cousin are probably kissing cousins.... *GASP* MOTHER!!!

     Mom gets upset at me because I'm not upset like her! She goes outside to calm down, I try to explain to Kris that kissing cousins was an old term used back in the day when cousins would kiss. Brief, to the point and damn sure not dragging it out like his grandmother was. He laughs and goes outside. At this point, I'm thinking these long visits with grandmother may not be such a great idea. She has too many ways to make me look like the bad parent!

     So a little later, mother, Kris and my other two boys are all outside sitting on the swing. Mother comes in the house, hollering LaVonda! LaVonda! I'm trying to catch a cat nap because dealing with her and the kids is a little more than I expected for a Wednesday... "I want you to know that little girl and her cousin came walking down the street. Kanon (the baby) said hi to her, she looked over to her cousin, shrugged and kept walking. What are you going to do about it?"...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Emotion check? Yes, Please!

Hello fellow bloggers, readers, and passers-by,

     I've always been told that I wear my emotions on my sleeve. One word, one look, one breath, taken just the right way at the right time can throw me into a whirlwind of tears, sobs, and a major snot factor. I'm not proud of that. I hate it. I can't be assertive for this very reason. Sure, over the phone, I can sell you beach front property in Arizona. But when it comes to matters of the heart, I fold like a bad hand.

    Utterly envious of anyone who can assert themselves and get things accomplished has been my personal secret. Day dreaming that one day I'll be like that. See, growing up, I never had to do that. I never had to stand up for my beliefs because, in all actuality, I was raised around closed minds, limited in conversational topics and discouraged about my dreams for a number of reasons... And their reasons for my limited speaking were probably something akin to my own envy: I was the only one to graduate high school or college. Don't get me wrong: I was supported in school and college. But I never had the chance to defend something. Never had the chance to stand up for something I believed in because I never had the chance to appreciate something enough to defend it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Think Tank

Hello fellow Bloggers, Readers and Passers-by,

     I want you to think about your childhood. Think about that time you were in school, maybe on the playground or even in the cafeteria. Remember that one kid who always got everything they wanted: Swings, monkey bars, extra milk or pizza? Remember how that child would act out if they didn't get it, throwing fits, disrupting class, spilling their trays to get more? And while you kept quiet, inside your were busting at the seams to yell, cuss, rant and tell that kid off! Teachers caved at the onset of the issue, giving in to that child's every whim. And yeah, occasionally that child would be sent to the Principles office, only to come back smiling because while she was getting a one on one with the big man, you were busy working on that dreaded math test! That smile that made your skin crawl, both with envy and hatred: Envy that they missed the test and you didn't and hatred that she got away with her intentions?? Remember??

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Onymous World of Anonymous

Good Afternoon fellow bloggers, readers, and passers-by,

     Today's blog is simply stated in the title. To bear a name and not reveal it. Simply put, in today's world, our virtues are not about safe sex, or keeping marriage between a man and a woman*or even protecting our children. Our virtues lay in technology: keeping out of the ever watchful eye of big brother. No, not God -- the Internet.

     Oh, how I love the web. I can sit for hours on end and literally sate my appetite by reading page after page of information. I'm a brain junkie and I accept that. But what I did not take into account is how much of 'me' is out there. Yes, I know, when I post a picture and then delete it, the picture never really 'goes away'. And that when I put my name on something, I become a possible victim of tumultuous affair of technological proportion. But what I found even more interesting, "you can find never-ending information about OTHER people!"

      Ah, the glory of eavesdropping on a person's history that is to be assumed, 'private' or that would rattle the brain if exposed. And I have the web burning last night! I used google, white pages, people search, pipl, and a gob of other sites, not paying one red cent and discovered a myriad of information about people. I did not find social security numbers or other legally protected information, therefore, I committed no crime. And I would not post anything with the culpable intent of harming anyone, albeit, the information may be a little risque. Anything I post on this blog, was discovered through web searches (with the help of some web juror friends). Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the bounty! The Justice For All information-a-thon!

     This picture was posted on a face book site for people to peruse. The name of the person pictured is one, Christina Baez. With the help of the web, I can tell you the following:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Undertaker of Vitality

Hello Fellow Bloggers, readers, and passers-by,

     In keeping up with habit, I feel the urge to blog, though my mind is blank. I feel the desire to move mountains, though my strength is weak. I feel the urge to spew curse words full of contempt to the abusers of children, though my heart says, spite is for the damned. So, I will carry on with my thoughts (clean for you, dirty for me, cause, yeah, that's how I roll!) :)

     Today it is hot! I can't tell you that Arkansas heat is any different than the deserts in Arizona or the Gulf Heat in Texas, but I can tell you, it's damn hot in NE Arkansas. But for the sake of fighting boredom, I ventured to the library with two of the four kids on a book excursion. But before that, the errands of a doctors visit for prescription refills, a trip to the bank and then to the grocery store. Yeah, I bought groceries first, not thinking, 'hey L, it's damn hot outside', to then arrive at the library! Thirty-five minutes in the library and I think, 'crap, the milk is going to spoil and the eggs are going to hatch, come on kids, we gotta jet'... Disappointment on their faces was more than I could bare and frankly, I hate myself for not being better organized today. Luckily, us mom's have magic on our side... Thanks to the newly built (OK, it's almost two years old, but it's still new to us) Dollar General Store in our little town, Ice Cream turned those frowns upside down... and so did the sticky-sweet kisses I received!

     And as I sit at my computer, knowing laundry needs to be folded, dinner needs to be prepped, I can't help but wonder what everyone else is doing? Is there news I haven't heard? Is there some fun new 'word' game on face book to make the men, yet again wonder what us wives are up to? The last one made the news! But as humorous as that thought could be, it quickly dwindled. Because we do not live in a time where humor is often seen or heard or even felt. The world in and of itself has become a grave site. A cemetery that is all too often filling with youth rather than fully grown adults. More young blood is spilled because of greed and self-fulfilling prophecy. And it is becoming more common to hear of children abusing others. Westside, Columbine, VA Tech, just to name a few... How sad it is that we live on a planet, with trees and breezes and oceans and rain, and mountains and surreal beauty and yet, it feels like hell. Not because of the heat, but because our souls, the very spirit of life has became an undertaker. Oscar Wilde (one of my all time favorites) said, "we are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell." I believe he may have been on to something when he said that. Because for the life of me, I can't fight the feeling that mankind is going to end mankind before God has a chance. And shamefully, our system of fighting good and bad is just as weak as we are.

     And the majority of you agree. I posed a question to you on this very blog last week. The question was: "Do you feel the justice system meets today's demands of justice?" And though this particular blog is fairly new, the results were 60%-40% NO... Of the fifteen total votes, only 6 said yes, but that it could use improvement. Feels like we're fanning the flames of hate and despair, but in all actuality, our views of the world have become cynical. And the waste of human lives due to the lack of passion to truly live is ever growing.

     From the kids and their sticky-sweet kisses to the hot and humid summer days in my little piece of heaven, I leave you with this thought.
"It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui (boredom)" ~Helen Keller

     Until Tomorrow,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today, Everything is a Conflict of Interest

Hello fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,

     Today of all days, I wake up with a headache. Eased it with a cup of coffee and two tylenol. I enjoy mild conversation with my neighbor as we wait for the bus to pick up the kids for their transition classes at school. The bus arrives and I see the driver. In the tears of yesterday, when my baby got on the bus, I didn't pay much attention to the driver. No, it wasn't out of concern that the driver was incompetent, because I trust our school district to hire the best. But today, a revelation came to mind. Schools employ teachers, custodians, cooks, a principle, an assistant, some bus drivers and a gob of others who make the school year function properly. But today was different. I noticed the bus driver today. She looked familiar. And after speaking with my daughter, I find out that the bus driver is a teacher. Now, do not take what I'm saying out of context. I'm all for women's lib and for equal pay for equal work, and all that jazz. But I found it remarkably odd that a teacher was driving the bus.

     Part of what bothers me about this is the socio-economical factor. When I was in school, we had fancy kids, middle class kids, and those reaching well below poverty level. I was in the middle and luckily, I didn't have to ride the bus. However, in my opinion, teachers are to teach. Bus drivers are to drive. When you begin mixing the two, you have a conflict of interest. I realize that the majority of teachers do not show differences among their students as far as their students' 'income' is concerned. But I still see a difference. I seen it when I was in school, but paid no attention to it. I seen it where I worked as an Early Childhood Development Technician and I still see it.

     But how in the world does that show a conflict of interest? Well, if you are a teacher, flogged with 20+ students a day for roughly 9 months out of the year, you pick your favorites. And I suppose that is nearly impossible not to do (just as long as it doesn't make other children feel less involved or appreciated). But for the same teacher to see the area the child lives in, may cause them to be judgemental toward the child. And you can't tell me it wouldn't. I'm not saying every child is treated unfairly because of their economical status, but it does play a small part. So why not take away the advantage for someone to claim this, and in the same way, provide a job for another person, the sole bus driver. Lord knows, someone out there needs a job!

     A conflict of interest is seen all over the world. Take Joze Baez for example... (you knew I'd get to it! Calm down!) If you read my other posts, specifically Ringling Brothers and... Jose Baez?!?, you know a little background on his education. And you know the Florida Bar had reservations about allowing him to practice law in the state of Florida... But what you may not know is something a little more discrete.

     According to a 2010 news article, Jose Baez purchased a home in Kissimmee, Florida for the large sum of $670,000. And is in the process of losing it to foreclosure. Now, I've been there, and I can completely feel his pain in possibly losing his home. BUT, you shouldn't buy outside of your means, and this man shows he is frivilous when it comes to finances. He was not allowed to practice law because of a lack of financial responsibility. 

     At this point I would go into a rage about the direct conflict of interest between Baez being Casey's attorney. Not because I feel she should have a decent lawyer, but because Baez's house that is in foreclosure would have him being represtented by one Mark Lippman, who happens to be the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony... But I can't say that! Because he is NOT Baez's attorney for his foreclosure proceedings. Talk about a major buzz kill.

     So, this entire blog, while it would have been a major adrenaline rush, is actually just a patch of sour worms. ♪♫ I never liked the taste of crow, but baby... I ate it!  ♪♫

Think I'll take a personal day tomorrow and regroup... cause like Baez, I'm grasping at straws!

Until day after tomorrow,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Anger & Intolerance are the Enemies of Correct Understanding

Good Morning fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,
     You know it's going to be good if it's out before lunch. Yes folks, I've thought about this blog all night, only I couldn't post it before now because my typing can literally be heard in the deepest recesses of the ocean, and hubby can't sleep through it! So, I ask that you ready your minds for a different look at the latest.

     In Miranda v. Arizona 384 U.S. 436 (1966), the Supreme Court ruled that certain rights are given to anyone facing a criminal charge and those rights include "remaining silent, having the right to an attorney, which can be provided to you if you cannot afford one, and the right not incriminate yourself (under the 5th Amendment)" Now, I know you've all seen a movie or program depicting an officer reading a person their rights. And if you have a craving for comedy, you know from Ron White that you have the right to remain silent... but you may not have the ability.  But what if the ability was lacking and you were completely unaware of it.

     Which brings me to the issue at hand. My local media outlet headlines their morning post on face book stating, "Casey Anthony Lies Low on First Day of Freedom" and truthfully, I can't blame her. From what her attorney, Cheney Mason says, the entire nation is waiting to lynch her. But the part that I find rather amusing is, with her narcissistic behavior, you know this is driving her crazy.

     For two years, she was sometimes in the spotlight. For the last 8 weeks, she has been at the forefront of nearly every news program, Report talk show and a vast number of face book sites. But she can't be involved in anything now out of fear for her own life. Granted, she walked down a Murder Charge, leaving Orlando County Jail a mere minutes after midnight in a grand scheme of secrecy. Now she has to lay low to save her life... But the question remains: Can she do it?

     Having the right to remain silent in a court case differs from the behavioral disorder commonly associated with Casey Anthony. Currently, she has no charges against her, which would mean she is free to say and do (within the limits of the law) whatever she would like. However, the expressions given to the public by her attorney's leads us to believe she is afraid. But I beg to differ. This self inflicted silent treatment must be playing havoc on the 27 other people living in her head. I know, I know, she was found competent to stand trial according the an MMPI test she was evaluated with. But even her lawyers stated she was a liar (among other things) and it is clearly evident that she suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder

     And with this disorder, one can only assume a fear is involved. Fear in itself is a response to a perceived threat that is consciously recognized as a danger. Causative factors may include separation from one's support system in a potentially threatening situation such as hospitalization, diagnostic test, or treatment; knowledge deficit or unfamiliarity; language barrier; sensory impairment; and phobic stimulus or phobia. Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten or ignored or forgetting. Perhaps the MMPI doesn't go far enough into the psyche for this to have been found, but would it have made a difference if it did?

     A doctor found her competent. Basically, she was not temporarily insane. Whatever factors associated with Casey Anthony, the disappearance and tragically, the death of her daughter, could all be summed up with dissociation. She removed herself from the situation completely. Dissociation is the psyche's reaction to unbearable pain whereby the usual synchronous elements of the psyche, such as awareness, mood-regulation, and memory consolidation lose their usual integrated function. Could this be why she doesn't know what really happened?

     Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome is not widely known but was theorized by Sergei Korsakoff, a neuropsychiatrist. Several case studies have been performed regarding this syndrome and it has been noticed in pop culture through televisions shows such as House and Royal Pains. Davey Volner won the 81st Glascock Prize for his poem entitled, "Korsakoff Syndrome" which really shows the conveyance of forgetfulness and story-telling. But it isn't the fame of the syndrome that you look for: the symptoms are the bread and butter to this defense. Those symptoms include, but are not limited to:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The 'Media' Effect

     Many of you are aware of the media. We see it every where we turn. Televisions, websites, radio, newspapers, all filled with the news surrounding our towns, cities, metro areas and even the nation. These articles and reports are filled with news of Government Fall-outs, local police chases and even marriage license purchases. And the television is a great way to convey opinions on those articles. We seen it in Rodney King's case in Los Angeles, we seen it with the fleeing white bronco and O.J. Simpson. And if you've watched HLN in the last 40 days, you've seen nonstop media coverage of the Casey Anthony Trial. Commercials ranged in length and content and mostly advertised future news coverages.

     But something was 'off' with these commercials. They advertised how grand America is. How you can go to the store, purchase a swiffer sweeper, Bush's Baked Beans or even a new cell phone. And they showed starving children in other countries who need our help. Playing on the viewers emotions, promising a photo of a child you can sponsor and for only pennies a day, make that child's life improve significantly. Immediately following this emotional vibe, you hear Sarah McLaughlin singing Angel as pictures fill your brain of animals being mistreated, beaten, starved, burned, deprived of medical attention and looking miserable locked behind cages.

     And the whole time I watched the television and for the years before, it never dawned on me, the one thing you never see. American Children, starving, neglected, beaten, burned, deprived of medical attention and looking miserable behind their eyes. You never see it. I am nearly 32 years old. I've never seen a commercial displaying the truth behind American Poverty. I've never seen a person, famous or otherwise, stand in front of a camera and ask someone to help our children. I've never seen a telethon to raise money for America's starving, abused and neglected children. Have you?

     The sad fact is, America, in all it's glory, is still putting on a fake face for other countries. See, back during the 1800's when America was young, we encouraged people to break away from England, Ireland, and other countries to come 'live the American Dream'. Bring your families, your children, your futures and set them on American soil so they may truly be free. And that is the biggest lie yet! From the times of textile workers, children were enslaved by the ideology that to live free, you must die hard. But that isn't true.  Children shouldn't have to worry about rent or bills or putting food on the table. But like so many who don't realize it, they worry about it every day. What kind of a free childhood is that? What kind of dream is that? More like a nightmare, and one that reoccurs every night for the missing, the exploited, the neglected and abused.

     Tolstoy once said, "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." And how true this is. Until we can change ourselves, our perception, our way of thinking, our way of demanding change, we must first make the change in our selves. We must change how we see it, how we think about it and how we can be the change that starts it all. Without change, your have no life. The only thing constant is change. Hanging on to the past is the sin of it all.

     In closing, I hope this finds you at a moment in your life where you want that change to happen. Let it not be out of despite or fear that you change, but rather, let it be about living. Be the change you want to see in the world.

     Until tomorrow,

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Friday, July 15, 2011

How About Fang Justice

Hello fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,

     If you've seen my face book profile, you will know that I am morbidly obsessed with vampires: from sparkly Edward Cullen to blood drinking Eric Northman, to those who reside in Morganville, Texas. (Not really, but in Rachel Caines novels, they do!). So it should be no surprise that I would tie them in eventually to a wonderful blog for you to devour!

     "In Morganville, you never want to leave... and even if you do, well, you can't... Sorry about that."  The famous lines repeated throughout each of Rachel Caines Morganville Vampires Series Novels. And I couldn't help but relate them to this case. You see, Casey Anthony is like the cure for the vampires demise. Only, you can't bite her, for fear that her blood is toxic rather than remedial. But you can't help but follower her around, wondering... Or for those Twilight fans, Casey is something akin to Bella Swan... (what an ironic coincidence)!!! Bella's scent is like Edwards own personal brand of heroine. He follows her. He sees her fall and he's there to catch her. Though Bozo-Baez is nothing like Edward, he is Casey's Edward.

     So let me tie it together.  Many of you are keeping up with the Casey Anthony parade. I can't think of another name for it, but that one really suits, don't you think?  Today, I seen numerous reports about her demise. No, not mortally but financially. She is being sued by a number of people. From Tim Miller and Equusearch to Linda Drane Burdick and the state for recoup on search costs. The IRS even wants their share of the $285,000 that Crazy and Bozo acquired while she was out on bail. And then comes the defamation suits. Two so far. One by the expected Zanaida Gonzolez and, what's this? A surprise! Roy Kronk. You remember him. He was the one that the bounty hunter defamed during the 2 previous years of this facade. Kronk is also the one who found the remains.

     But you can't stop there with the drama and shenanigans that come with this entire case. Remember 3 years ago today, when Casey and her mother contacted the LE to state Caylee was missing? Remember how we seen Casey partying? Remember how she looked so concerned for her missing child that she stayed up all night listening to rock music and drinking with her buddies? Do you remember a man by the name of Anthony Rusciano? You SHOULD!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Children Who Have No Voice

Good afternoon readers,
     Today's topic comes from a post on Caylee's Web Friends face book page. Peggy Hevener-Clark posted the question, "what IS the definition of child abuse?"  Such a taboo topic for so many people in the world today. "I mind my business and stay out of others" is often said by at least one person when the issue arises. But what about the child? Does he or she have a say in how they are raised? Can anyone be strong enough to meddle in the affairs of others for the sake of the child? Is it OK to 'look the other way' because that child wasn't born of you?

     We should first be aware of the public knowledge of child abuse. The first formal descriptions of inflicted injuries as such only appeared in the medical literature in 1946 and the phenomenon was not considered a significant problem until the 1960s.  However, our four-legged creatures had protection laws even in the times before Christ. You can read Triptolemus BCE-476 for more information. For the next 14 years, child abuse was seen, but remained unresolved. It wasn't until 1974,when Congress enacted the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (P.L. 93-247), establishing the legal framework for current federal efforts which focus on data collection and technical assistance to states.
    Statistics show that one out of every 10 ER visits treated were the result of abuse. But what is abuse? There several different forms of abuse.
The most prevalent forms are:
  1. Physical   
  2. Sexual
  3. Child Neglect and Abandonment
  4. Educational Neglect
  5. Psychological Abuse
  6. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
     The first is common in identifying abuse. The physical characteristics of abuse include but are not limited to Skin brusing and burns, bites, hair loss, bones, brain injuries, intra-abdominal injuries, and mouth injuries. 

     The second is harder to identify. On part of the victim because they may be scared or may have been threatened that harm would come to them if they told. On the otherhand, they may be told that it is ok to do those things, but not aware they were being lied to. On part of the perpetrator because they can perform certain things on the child that can not be detected through testing.  It has been estimated that as many as one in four girls and one in ten boys will be victims of sexual abuse by the time they become adults. The most common ways to determine if sexual abuse has occurred is:

Monday, July 11, 2011

How Reasonable is Reasonable Doubt?

     Defined in Criminal Procedure: Law and Practice 8th Edition, Reasonable doubt is defined as:
     "Such a doubt as would cause a juror, after careful and candid and impartial consideration of all the evidence, to be so undecided that he or she cannot say that he or she has an abiding conviction of the defendant's guilt".

     Well, that's all fine and dandy, but what does it mean? Does it mean we judge them? No. We do not place a judgement on their character, manner of dress or upbringing. It means we doubt what they say, or what they don't say. We doubt their actions and their intent. We doubt whether or not they were charged with a crime. But what is reasonable? 

     During criminal law class, we had a guy who will remain nameless but carried the phrase, "reasonable guy" throughout the semester (thanks for taking the jokes, wherever you are A.M.)  He received the name during our discussion of reasonable doubt. For a person to be reasonable, their thoughts would be categorized as would anyone whose thoughts are that of reasonable mind. Basically, not to shock their conscience with information but that which can be rationalized through life experiences, and proven through evidence.

     Ask yourself this question? Is what they are claiming something that could happen? Has it happened to me? Has the evidence shown that more than likely the events occurred as the State claims? Does the evidence (whether physical or circumstantial) outweigh the thought that this could not have happened the way the defense is claiming it happened? What does your gut tell you?

     The last question is one that I go back to whenever I'm faced with a decision that I can't seem to take on my own. Women call it intuition, men call it a gut feeling... I call it your inner conscience saying, "hey, something doesn't add up... Take the people out of it. Look at it again."

     Sometimes a jury will do this. Follow all instructions and really deliberate the case. Sometimes, they are so tired, so burnt out, they want a quick fix - they go with the popular vote of the jury and that is the decision they role with. While it often happens, no one knows for sure what happens in the jury room. 12 citizens one day, 12 village idiots the next.

     But LaVonda, why discuss this? Because when 12 people are selected as a jury of your peers, you would hope they would want the truth just as bad as the next 12 people. However, that doesn't always happen. There are other factors to consider.  What type of jury is needed? If it is a capital murder case, you would need a jury that is Death-Qualified.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Could the Truth Be Anymore Clearer?

The following is an article that a friend of mine in Florida informed me of. Very enlightening to the matters at hand and I wanted to share it with you!


PS. I did not write the following article, merely passing it on for you to read at your leisure!

     All too often some Christians will say that while they might disagree with something or someone, the biblical admonition to "judge not lest ye be judged" prohibits them from handing down a moral verdict on someone else's behavior. Please. That's not biblical. That's not ethical. That's not helpful. That's an out. That's the proverbial washing of one's hands. That's moral cowardice.
     Setting aside the exegetical fact that the command to "judge not" is in the context of eternal judgment, and ignoring the fact that Jesus elsewhere in the same book describes the necessity of church discipline (which requires moral judgment) and displays righteous indignation (clearing of the temple), the argument just doesn't hold water. Are we as Christians to stand aside and assume that we are to have no say in matters of clear moral importance, matters that the Bible clearly addresses?
     The recent "not guilty" verdict on Casey Anthony for the murder of her toddler, Caylee, has shocked the nation. Quite a different verdict was handed down in the trial of Kimberly Trenor. Remember that name? Horrifying details of the beating death of her child came out at her trial too. A plastic container was found in Galveston Bay in October 2007. In it were the decomposed remains of what police would come to call Baby Grace. It turns out the body was that of 2-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers. The child had been clearly beaten to death, fractures to her skull causing the mortal wounds.
     Her offense? She didn't say "please" and "yes, sir." For that, her mother and husband proceeded to spank the child with a leather belt. They held her head underwater. They pushed her face into a pillow. All the while, she begged for mercy, crying out to her mother, proclaiming her undying love.
     The response? The daylong torture session continued. The abuse ended only after Royce Ziegler, Trenor's husband, threw the child across the room and against the wall several times. After allegedly attempting CPR, Ziegler handed the limp child to her mother who set the child down and watched her die, afraid to call for help, afraid of the consequences for her own action. They then purchased a plastic tub and lid. The placed Riley in her Wal-Mart tomb and set her to sea.
     Should we just look the other way? Are we Christians to deny our outrage, to suppress our grief? To ignore the righteous indignation and anger that rightly wells up in the bosom of any normal mother or father? All because we're not supposed to judge one another? Give me a break.
     These episodes sicken us to our core because we know in our hearts that murder is wrong. The Bible says so. The accounts of Caylee Anthony's and Baby Grace's murders anger us because sin angers God. Our response is part of our human nature. Made in the image of God, that which angers God angers us. As Christians our response should be all the stronger because we now have the Spirit of God living in us.
     To look away from violent tragedy, since we cannot overlook it, is to deny the truthfulness and authority of biblical teaching. To claim that "it's not my place" to judge is to ignore Christ's mandate to love the little children, to care for the orphans, and to clothe the unloved.

Conspiracy or Constipation

(As previously seen on The Daily Dose)

Alright. You all know I am an avid conspiracy theorist. From Bush and 9/11 to believing Algebra is the True Anti-Christ.  So here is my unofficial CSI report, based on testimony (or lack there of) from the Casey Anthony Trial.

Casey Anthony is charged with murdering her daughter, filing a false report and a plethora of other minor charges. So it's fair to say, she's about to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Ashton for the State and Baez for the Defense... And they like to argue in front of the judge.

Here is my opinion.

30 Days... Still hearing testimony

(as previously seen on The Daily Dose)

Lee, Cindy, George, Caylee, and Casey Anthony

Fellow Bloggers,
Let's take a sidebar for just a moment and recap today's courtroom filled testimony as Day 30 of the Casey Anthony trial dismisses for the night. Unlike my previous post regarding this case, the following is factual and does not include opinion, but rather, a perception of the transpiring events. (Not all testimony was heard as my cable and web were down until just before Lee Anthony left the stand.)

Testimony was heard by Cindy Anthony, George Anthony, and Lee Anthony. I did not hear their testimony.
Mr. Roy Kronk was the next one to be called to the stand. Roy Kronk was the Orange County Meter Reader who found the remains of Caylee Anthony. His testimony was rock solid. He never wavered. He addressed each and every question that both the defense and the state posed to him, however belittling the defense was.

Cheney Mason

During one statement by Mr. Cheney Mason (effectively nicknamed Mumbles by the chat room jurors) began questioning Mr. Kronk on the issue of where he parked, where he walked and what exactly he was doing in the woods. He asked Kronk if he had knowledge of who lived down the road from the wooded area he went in to 'relieve' himself... Yes, meter reader peed in the woods.

Kronk's replies were noteworthy. "I had been in the area on one other occasion during my training as meter reader. I was not aware of the Anthony's address until my second time in the area, unsupervised. I was no longer in training as a meter reader."

Cheney asked Kronk if he had knowledge of the wooded area and to whether or not he had seen anything in the woods.

Roy Kronk

Kronk advised the courtroom he was making his route reading the meters when a co-worker (Dean) was out with a trainee. Dean and the Trainee were advised by the supervisor to meet up with Kronk and help him out. Kronk, Dean and the trainee were gathered near the location where Caylee was found. Kronk stated that Dean told him "Caylee may be out here. That is her grandparents home down there." And pointed out the Anthony's general location and stated that is why there are media personnel down there. Kronk brushed it off, stating he entered the wooded area to relieve himself. While there, he noticed something grayish in color and something white. He stated the white object might have been a skull but he was too far away and didn't think it really was.

Cheney, throughout the questioning tried to get Kronk to fumble in admitting to touching the evidence (tampering) or to make it appear as though he knew George Anthony and had done something with the evidence to help out Mr. Anthony. Kronk never faultered. At one point in time, Kronk became slightly agitated, but maintain his composure stating, "I'll tell you this again, I did not at anytime prior to December 11th, have any contact with the evidence other than looking." Later to admit he used his meter rod to rotate the apparent skull a portion to verify it if was a skull, stating he still didn't think it was real, but rather, a prop."

Linda Burdick

During Cross, Linda Burdick, prosecutor for the state, asked viable questions to help reiterate his testimony to the jury. Chat room chatter suggested the jury may have lost track of the testimony through all of the pauses and indirect questioning by the defense.

After lunch, chat room chatter and Twitter statements confirmed, along with TruTV In Session that the State had acquired two witnesses on behalf of the State to confirm Cindy Anthony's work history and specifically the date in question regarding the chloroform searches. If you recall, Cindy stated during defense direct, she had been the one to perform the 84 web searches for Chloroform stating, "I started looking up chlorophyll and that prompted me to look up chloroform," continuing, "I also ran a few other searches at the same time in March for other things we had in the house,  like acetone, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol." Prosecution kept in mind that Cindy was employed and asked her if she was working or at home on March 17th between the times 1:43 and 1:55pm. Cindy replied, "if the computer shows that is the time the searches were made, I made them." Cindy continued her vague answers then stated she, "may have been at work and left." Testimony from the employers will certainly help debunk Cindy's statements.

Post Traumatic Stress or Puppets Tied to a String

(as previously seen on The Daily Dose)

Hello fellow bloggers, passers-by and trial junkies,

     Today was rather eventful at 425 North Orange Avenue as twelve jurors, a judge and patrons of the court heard heartbreaking testimony from George Anthony. Several key issues discussed were his state of mind, his purchase of a gun, a handwritten suicide note, and his being accused of sexual abuse toward his daughter and defendant, Casey Anthony.

     Jose` Baez, lead Defense Attorney for the defendant, began questioning Mr. Anthony about his state of mind when he had been told a body of a small child had been found. Even through the computer monitor and television, you could feel the heartbreak as he described his feelings, all told through tears.  Heavy sobs came just prior to Judge Belvin Perry asking if the witness needed a break. Through the tears he replied, "I need to get through this. I need to have something inside of me get through this." He later stated that he wanted to be with Caylee. Upon questioning about the suicide attempt, Anthony began to break down. Defense threw a few jabs at the witness however, they opened the door for more questions. When Prosecutor Ashton questioned Anthony about the suicide note, Baez objected but Judge Perry overruled the objection. Anthony advised that he had questions about the disappearance of his granddaughter in the suicide note. He stated he purchased the gun in hopes of questioning people who may know the whereabouts of his granddaughter. Anthony stated that he traveled to a hotel with the intention of taking his own life.

Between Flattery and Admiration Flows Contempt

(as previously seen on The Daily Dose)

Holy hell, what a day, what a day! Where to begin...
Key Players
J. Ashton
L. Burdick

J. Baez
C. Mason

Casey Marie Anthony

Krystal Holloway

Alright, this morning, the first witness to testify was Ms. Krystal Holloway a.k.a River Cruz, the alleged mistress to one, George Anthony, father of the defendant. Her testimony revealed a nervous presence about her statements and at one point, during sidebar, she removed her dress jacket. Her testimony did not prove anything for the defense, though they tried to include her testimony as evidence of the death of little Caylee Anthony. State objected and gave requested instruction to Judge Belvin Perry, to allow the jury to accept her testimony as an impeachment of George Anthony's testimony, but not as evidence of the death. Holloway testified that G. Anthony said, "it was an accident that snowballed out of control." She never said he caused the accident or knew who caused the accident. Perry allowed the testimony as impeachment only, with instruction not to take it as evidence of the death.

Next on the stand was George Anthony. The questions Baez posed were about a video showing a command center that Anthony had worked and questioned the location of the center. Baez never brought up the question of whether Holloway was indeed his mistress, whether he abused Casey, or whether he knew for a fact how the 'accident' occurred.

Enter Cindy Anthony,

The Truth is a Great Flirt

(as previously seen on The Daily Dose)

   We've all had our ears tickled... You know, that phrase about your dress that leans more on the side of seduction or the suit you wear is so alluring, one can't help but wonder what you'd look like in the tie alone? So why is it unfathomable for us to not want our ears tickled more often? And more so, how could something so minuscule as the truth bring us that satisfaction? Perhaps it's not that we can't tell the truth from a lie, but rather, we've been lied to so often, we become cynical, ever clinging to the fact that truth is stranger than fiction?

     Day 33 wraps up on Orange Avenue as Judge Perry's patience was put to the test. To listen to a defense attorney who is still wet behind the ears in the birth of law school and a prosecutor who very well could be the devils advocate, one must decipher the who-do's and what-nots of the courtroom. Unlike 85 years ago, there are more laws and junctions that one must understand to fully grasp the conversation. I must say, watching this case has been a true eye opener for me in the realm of justice and I feed myself daily with these little doses of reality. For we do not live in a society similar to Lois Lowry's The Giver, nor do we follow through with Leonardo DiCaprio in his Inception. No, we are faced with murder, cold and hard, and  never easing.

     I read a quote one time that stated, "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy." I'm not certain this same statement would be shared by the multitudes, should the jury come back with a guilty verdict on all counts standing against Casey Anthony. I, myself cannot even promise I won't smile on the inside just a little. But to continue the hatred that is felt for this woman, whether she is guilty or innocent is beyond any ones control except the person holding that contempt. I challenge each reader, not just those who want quick links, or google search some info and get led here, but everyone who is watching the case, following the tweets, and witnessing this case unfold, take out the color, the emotion, all that causes your bias and truly judge the evidence. Granted, we are without a lot, and it's hard not to see red when you think about what happened to that little baby, but I urge you, do your best. Our voices are not heard in this. A small group of people, who have taken time away from their jobs, families and hobbies to listen to both sides without impartiality and without contempt are the voices that will be heard. We can only pray, for sanity's sake, that this will not end in a hung jury or a mistrial. So, now that I've given you my outlook, lets get to the facts at hand!

     Day 33 passes without a tremendous hitch. State rebuttals were to begin this morning however court was in an undetermined recess due to depositions from witnesses from Gentiva. Court resumed approximately 1:30pm EST. Gentiva Health is Cindy Anthony's former employer and was called in to impeach her prior testimony about being the one who done the searches for chloroform. Yes... Now you remember. She stated in court, under oath, before God Almighty, that she was the one who performed those computer searches because she remembered her dogs beings sick -- thought they may have been eating bamboo -- looked up chlorophyll and a pop up for chloroform appeared. Well, if your reading this, I'm sure you know that most people have their browser set to block pop ups. If you don't you probably have a virus or a long history of Viagra ads! Alas, I digress.

Freedom Means Choosing Your Burden

(As previously seen on The Daily Dose)
Mark Twain once said, any emotion, if it's involuntary, is sincere. How true those words are. And I experienced a whirlwind of emotion today. Though today, like any Sunday in our house, was laid back -- no big plans for the day. Just enjoying each other and getting our daily jones of the television. Of course, my brand of heroin is the Casey Anthony trial. Not because I enjoy seeing someones life hang in perile, but because this case is so fascinating. And though I've only followed it for several weeks, I feel as though I have been there from day one. Some of you know I have a strong opinion: but what is law but nothing unless close behind it stands a warm living public opinion.

The Double Edged Sword

(As previously seen on The Daily Dose)
Good Evening fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,

Through nearly 24 hours of extensive ranting, cursing and swearing on all things holy, I have come to but one conclusion: The Double Edged Sword saves no one, lest we forget about the ones the sword killed, saving them from what could be a miserable life at the hands of their caregivers. This sword had it's hand in the fates of many, but the one most closest to our heart: Caylee Marie Anthony. From this moment on I will not refer to her biological maternal carrier by name but rather the 'devious one'. Not because of the hatred that one can carry for her, but for the simple fact that its the nicest name I could think of and it suits her in my honest opinion.

Just to recap, the devious one, charged with 7 counts, Murder in the 1st degree, Second Degree Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse and 4 counts of lying to law enforcement officials. The jury deliberated a little less than 11 hours and came back with a verdict of not guilty. The devious one was found guilty of 4 counts of lying to Law Enforcement Officials. Court had been in session for 35 days. Can we say Jury Nullification?!?

The Ringling Brothers and... Jose Baez?!?

(As previously seen on The Daily Dose)

****Explicit Content... One F-Bomb***

Alas, you knew I would venture to another rant, but this one is more humor and parody than the more emotional, tear jerkers I've blogged about lately. No, I felt the drama and presence of pain all around me and, me being the overly positive person I am, decided the only way to keep from crying is to laugh... until you cry! With that being said, Welcome to the most random, most hilarious, most truthful blog you will find about Jose Baez, circus to the stars!

Meet Jose Baez.
This man has been in so many news related articles, it was hard to pick which one to rant about... So I thought I would share with you some I found more entertaining.

(In my best Sophia Petrillo voice)... Picture it, Florida, 1997. A very proud, faithful, honest man (I could not type that without laughing) receives his diploma from St. Thomas University School of Law. As their mission statement reads, "St. Thomas University is an urban, student-centered, Catholic university with rich cultural and international diversity, dedicated to educating leaders who contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of the regions they serve." Continuing on their website, they state, "St. Thomas University School of Law takes special pride in the diversity of the student body. The School of Law has been recognized as having the most diverse student body among accredited law schools. The cultural diversity, commitment to professionalism and small class size make studying law at St. Thomas University School of Law a unique and enriching experience."  OK... Now, I'm all for diversity. We are a nation of colors, beliefs and practices... But I don't think natural born stupidity, lying, deceitful, pessimistic or chauvinistic falls into the broad category of diversity... In my honest opinion, and you know I have one, this man is the epitome of a true clown and puts the great clowns to shame! I would go out on a limb to say St. Thomas is definately diverse in character! Look at what came out there!


Welcome, One and All

Seeing as how the benefits of blogging can certainly spread information and a wealth of knowledge to the readers and passers-by, I thought I would set aside a little time to keep everyone up to date with the latest in courtroom drama (hence, the subject title of this blog)...

I'm LaVonda. I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and I'm in college to obtain my Bachelor's in Criminology and Psychology. If I live through the fall semester, I will be doing GREAT! Though I will not complain, should my 4.0 GPA drop a little... but if it falls below a 3.5, you may have to call Dr. Phil -- Or Dr. Drew, depending on how bad I begin drinking!

But I digress! This blog is intended for the acknowledgement of the United States Justice System and the importance to educate yourself on law and procedure. Each day (or I hope anyway), I will post an informational piece on a topic pertaining to law, courtroom procedure, criminal investigation, and the like. It may venture on a tyrant, because, well, that's how I roll!

Nevertheless, feel free to comment, share, like and click an option below each post letting me know how you feel, should not have time to type a reply.

Much love to all my readers and I ask for your patience as I continue to get this blog up and running. Since some of my topics for this blog have been placed on my other blog,, I will be converting them to this blog.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as I get this all put together!
Until tomorrow fellow jurors,