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Tragedy Strikes in My Own Town

Daily Quote: "The dove descending breaks the air, with flame of incandescent terror."
***There are several discrepancies to the entire story. I will address them after the facts of the situation.**

     Hello fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,
     For many, a missing child is an event to fill a news station's time slot. For other's it is a realization that the world isn't all shiny and gold as once thought to have been. And yet, for others, a missing child is a tragedy. An event that should stop everything, every business, every deal, everything, so all effort can be put into finding the person that is missing. And the latter should be what is done -- but it isn't. Not by everyone.

     In Chicago, a person is missing every 30 minutes. According to the US Census Bureau, 12,830,632 live in Chicago. Suppose reproduction of human life were to cease in that city. Suppose no one moved in, or out. Suppose life would not end because of illness or accidents. Do you know how long it would take for everyone to become 'missing'? I'll tell you. 732 years. Now, look at the population of Paragould -- 24,855. While rural areas are smaller and more well known, the disappearance of a persons child is just as important as the big city.

     The Ware Family in Paragould has now felt that hopelessness. Their sixteen year old son, Zach, disappeared on July 25, 2011. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt, jeans and black Nike shoes. He had left his home around 6:30am to head out to football practice, then to work, then later to a football scrimmage. He told his parents he would be home by 10:30pm. July 26th, his parents notified authorities when their son failed to return home.

      Search teams were on the lookout for this young man. APB's were issued as well as BOLO's for his blue '91 Dodge Truck. Several sitings were reported, but nothing conclusive. A bail bondsmen from a nearby town followed the news on the families' face book page, which was created to bring awareness to the community of their missing son. The man asked for the cell phone number of the missing person so he could check for any pings. A ping is described as a specific GPS tower location of where a cell phone is receiving a signal. The family also contacted AT&T, the Ware's telephone provider to advise them their son was missing and to report if any activity occurred on his cell. Video surveillance showed Zach at a Walgreen's and later at a filling station. He was no longer in Greene County.

     Then, on Friday, July 29th at approximately 3:25am, Zach's mother received an alert from AT&T that his phone had been turned on and was on 9 Mile Ridge Road, according to a report released from KAIT 8 News in Jonesboro, Arkansas. A Sharp County Sheriff's Officer scoured the local hot spots for summer vacations, camping sites, boating sites and other areas to see if anyone had seen the missing teen or if the truck he was last seen driving was in the area.  When the report came into the the Sheriff's office that a ping was received on 9 Mile Ridge Road, search crews went looking for him, with no luck.

     Several witnesses had made contact with authorities. At approximately 5:30pm, the officers followed leads to discover his truck was in Fulton County on Rock House Road. At 7:45pm, according to KAIT 8 News' website, Zach Ware's body was located with the use of aerial searches from Baxter County Arkansas Sheriff's department in a location near where his truck was found.

    The following is the area mapped for 9 Mile Ridge Road from Hardy, Arkansas to Saddle, Arkansas. Hardy is in Sharp county, where the cell phone pinged. Saddle is in Fulton County, where his body was found. (There are no specific reports that he was found in Saddle, however, that is the closest community in Fulton county to Sharp County that can be reached by 9 Mile Ridge Road.) Point A is where 9 Mile Ridge Road (County road 42) starts, ending at Saddle.

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    Sadly, the cause of death could not be determined, however, speculations have been made that it was a fatal self-inflicted gun shot wound. The body has been sent to the State Examiners Office to confirm identity and cause of death. Our sympathies go out to the family and friends of this young life that ended so quickly. While we don't know the reasons, the who's, what's, where's or how's, we should know that life for everyone is dealt with in different ways, and while some have the strength to endure, others are not so fortunate. Please lift this family up in your prayers. For even if it was a suicide, I believe God still forgives.

     I do not want to confound this blog post with any opinions, that is why I'm ending it here. Please feel free to check back for a later link that will take you to the Conspiracy Theory the writer maintains that would have led to this young man ending his life so soon.

     Until tomorrow,

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