Sunday, July 10, 2011

Freedom Means Choosing Your Burden

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Mark Twain once said, any emotion, if it's involuntary, is sincere. How true those words are. And I experienced a whirlwind of emotion today. Though today, like any Sunday in our house, was laid back -- no big plans for the day. Just enjoying each other and getting our daily jones of the television. Of course, my brand of heroin is the Casey Anthony trial. Not because I enjoy seeing someones life hang in perile, but because this case is so fascinating. And though I've only followed it for several weeks, I feel as though I have been there from day one. Some of you know I have a strong opinion: but what is law but nothing unless close behind it stands a warm living public opinion.

     My opinion, like many others is of nothing but a craving for the truth, because like I posted previously, we love to have our ears tickled. But also, we want justice for Caylee. And in the midst of the closing arguments today, we lowly web jurors met a small onslaught of Casey supporters. Now don't get me wrong, I know there are many who believe she is innocent and that her estranged, eccentric parents, particularly the father, were to blame for the entire tragedy. They are entitled to their opinion. But in the midst of expressing their opinion, became hostile, aggitated, and vehemently prejudiced in the case. We are only watchers in the midst, wondering about the case like lost dogs in a snow expedition. And one could ascertain the amount of anger boiling in our chatroom today.

     Many were able to keep their emotions in check. I, on the other hand, did not. I became furious several times during the defenses closing argument. Though I wanted to punch Baez in the face, I did not... simply because I love my computer monitor and did not want to destroy it in the process. No. I lost my cool. Blew up in the chat room and paraded my "textual" hands about, flailing them like a banshee. I did not curse anyone, though expletives were used in the most broad manner. And I achieved nothing. I made myself look like a fool in front of my web juror associates. I trampled on other's feelings without any provocation, other than wanting the truth.

     And like me, there were others who became upset. Posting unbelievably long comments that had nothing to do with the matter at hand, though I'm sure the poster thought they were relavent posts. Seeing others defend their stance in an assertive, assured way. I stepped away from the computer for a breather (though I did NOT give in to my prior addiction... I avoided the cigarette... 22 days free)! I just had to breathe!

     So you're wondering, what in the world does this have to do with todays proceedings... Well, I can tell in two ways... Number 1, I can't tell you a single thing the defense nor the state said in their closing arguments today. Number 2, Baez and Ashton had some pretty strong emotions going on like the rest of us. After lunch, Baez was continuing with his closing argument. And prior to the jury returning, he requested that Mr. Ashton not make any facial expressions because the jury can see him. The judge complied by instructing the state. So Baez is rambling on about this and that and not really make a point to speak of, and in his argument about lies from the state and witnesses about the gas can stated, "whether its this laughing guy right here" (referring to Ashton). Ashton immediately stands in objection. Judge Belvin Perry immediately sustains and orders both men to approach. Judge Perry dismisses the jury for a 15 minute recess and councils the attorneys. Judge Perry then leaves the courtroom to watch the tape showing the outburst.  At this point, my Twitter Account is blowing up, but I adhere to the chat room, pasting my twitter feed as fast as I can to keep the web jurors up to date...

     When Judge Perry returns, he offers to allow both attorneys to see the video, gives instruction to both of them, and advising there will be no more sidebars, enough is enough and further went on to state that he thought they were professional and would adhere to the law, but apprently he was mistaken. He advised that should another outburst like that occur or any courtroom rules be broken, he would exclude the offender from the remainder of the proceedings. Baez continues with his closing argument upon the return of the jury. When he is finished, a five minute recess is given and upon return, J. Cheney Mason begins with his closing argument.  It is easy to see where one can get lost in all the procedures and mumbo-jumbo that a court case may and most often does carry.  Emotions can build up just as they have done in the courtroom and just as they have done in the chatroom. We can only hope the smoke and mirrors and unwarranted dialogue will not blind the jury to finding the truth.

      Jury charges concluded the days events. State Rebuttal Closings are scheduled for tomorrow (Monday, July 4th).

     Until tomorrow, Happy 4th of July!

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