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Post Traumatic Stress or Puppets Tied to a String

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Hello fellow bloggers, passers-by and trial junkies,

     Today was rather eventful at 425 North Orange Avenue as twelve jurors, a judge and patrons of the court heard heartbreaking testimony from George Anthony. Several key issues discussed were his state of mind, his purchase of a gun, a handwritten suicide note, and his being accused of sexual abuse toward his daughter and defendant, Casey Anthony.

     Jose` Baez, lead Defense Attorney for the defendant, began questioning Mr. Anthony about his state of mind when he had been told a body of a small child had been found. Even through the computer monitor and television, you could feel the heartbreak as he described his feelings, all told through tears.  Heavy sobs came just prior to Judge Belvin Perry asking if the witness needed a break. Through the tears he replied, "I need to get through this. I need to have something inside of me get through this." He later stated that he wanted to be with Caylee. Upon questioning about the suicide attempt, Anthony began to break down. Defense threw a few jabs at the witness however, they opened the door for more questions. When Prosecutor Ashton questioned Anthony about the suicide note, Baez objected but Judge Perry overruled the objection. Anthony advised that he had questions about the disappearance of his granddaughter in the suicide note. He stated he purchased the gun in hopes of questioning people who may know the whereabouts of his granddaughter. Anthony stated that he traveled to a hotel with the intention of taking his own life.

     The key point in George Anthony's testimony was when asked about his thoughts on what happened. George Anthony stated that up until Caylee's body had been found, deep down he thought his daughter did not kill her. "Up to that time", he had restated to the attorney. He never said, "I think Casey killed her", but it was practically implied. Mr. Anthony also stated that he never sexually abused his daughter. Then Baez pressed the issue further by stating, "you would never admit to sexually abusing your daughter, would you?" Mr. Anthony stated he would never hurt her like that.

     Along with Mr. Anthony's testimony, the jury heard additional information from Roy Kronk, as well as new testimony from witness Brandon Sparks, Roy's biological son. Sparks claimed that Kronk had called him in November, prior to the body being found, claiming that he had in fact found the body of missing Caylee. If you recall, Kronk had stated that he did not make any claims of finding her body until December 11th, the first time Kronk supposedly called his son claiming he found her. When asked by Burdick to locate on the phone records the call made to him by his father in November, the information could not be found. In addition, testimony from the Officer Turso and Melich also confirmed the defenses questions about Kronk admitting he had called the crime line prior to December 11th. Defense wanted to put the heat on Kronk, however, it was not turned up at all. In fact, Melich corrected Baez when asked if Kronk changed his statement on December 19 to differ from December 11th. Melich stated that he didn't change it, but rather, he added information to it that was left out on the 11th. Baez ate crow with that one!

     The majority of the after lunch testimony was heard by Doctor Sally Karioth, a traumatologist who appeared eccentric on the stand and whose testimony all but paved the way for prosecution to bring this case home. In short, any issue from any aspect can be included as defined trauma. From partying to prayer, sex to celibacy. Ashton furthered this by trying to have her not included as an expert in the field of Truama, based on her inexperience. The woman has been in this field of study for 40 years, but could not give one name of a truly peer reviewed submission of her work, and when she did, it was not relevant to trauma. Judge Perry allowed her, but she was on a slim line.

     The jury was dismissed and a side bar concluded the events of the day.  Following side bar, several tweets were made regarding the possibility of defense closing their argument tomorrow or Friday. One source stated the jury may begin deliberations as early as the 4th of July -- ironic much?

     On a side note, when court dismissed for lunch a very interesting thing happened. A man by the name of Mark Schmidter was outside the courtroom, but still in the courthouse, handing out pamphlets of an unknown content (tweets suspect jury duty information), near the jury room. Apparently a confrontation of some sort occurred and Mr. Schmidter was brought into the courtroom to stand in front of Judge Perry on charges of indirect contempt. Judge Perry had specified prior to the beginning of the trial, the safe regions for constitutionally protected protests (see protests). Mr. Schmidter was fined $2500.00 and requested to defend himself. He is scheduled to appear in court on July 6 at 8:15am.

     Stay tuned for developments and the continuing saga as court comes to session tomorrow morning at 9:00am CST.  Want to watch online? Here is the link I follow.  Feel free to sign in a join the chat as well! Strong opinions but good commentary!

     Until tomorrow,

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