Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Truth is a Great Flirt

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   We've all had our ears tickled... You know, that phrase about your dress that leans more on the side of seduction or the suit you wear is so alluring, one can't help but wonder what you'd look like in the tie alone? So why is it unfathomable for us to not want our ears tickled more often? And more so, how could something so minuscule as the truth bring us that satisfaction? Perhaps it's not that we can't tell the truth from a lie, but rather, we've been lied to so often, we become cynical, ever clinging to the fact that truth is stranger than fiction?

     Day 33 wraps up on Orange Avenue as Judge Perry's patience was put to the test. To listen to a defense attorney who is still wet behind the ears in the birth of law school and a prosecutor who very well could be the devils advocate, one must decipher the who-do's and what-nots of the courtroom. Unlike 85 years ago, there are more laws and junctions that one must understand to fully grasp the conversation. I must say, watching this case has been a true eye opener for me in the realm of justice and I feed myself daily with these little doses of reality. For we do not live in a society similar to Lois Lowry's The Giver, nor do we follow through with Leonardo DiCaprio in his Inception. No, we are faced with murder, cold and hard, and  never easing.

     I read a quote one time that stated, "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy." I'm not certain this same statement would be shared by the multitudes, should the jury come back with a guilty verdict on all counts standing against Casey Anthony. I, myself cannot even promise I won't smile on the inside just a little. But to continue the hatred that is felt for this woman, whether she is guilty or innocent is beyond any ones control except the person holding that contempt. I challenge each reader, not just those who want quick links, or google search some info and get led here, but everyone who is watching the case, following the tweets, and witnessing this case unfold, take out the color, the emotion, all that causes your bias and truly judge the evidence. Granted, we are without a lot, and it's hard not to see red when you think about what happened to that little baby, but I urge you, do your best. Our voices are not heard in this. A small group of people, who have taken time away from their jobs, families and hobbies to listen to both sides without impartiality and without contempt are the voices that will be heard. We can only pray, for sanity's sake, that this will not end in a hung jury or a mistrial. So, now that I've given you my outlook, lets get to the facts at hand!

     Day 33 passes without a tremendous hitch. State rebuttals were to begin this morning however court was in an undetermined recess due to depositions from witnesses from Gentiva. Court resumed approximately 1:30pm EST. Gentiva Health is Cindy Anthony's former employer and was called in to impeach her prior testimony about being the one who done the searches for chloroform. Yes... Now you remember. She stated in court, under oath, before God Almighty, that she was the one who performed those computer searches because she remembered her dogs beings sick -- thought they may have been eating bamboo -- looked up chlorophyll and a pop up for chloroform appeared. Well, if your reading this, I'm sure you know that most people have their browser set to block pop ups. If you don't you probably have a virus or a long history of Viagra ads! Alas, I digress.

     Chief Compliance Officer John Camperlengo, a Gentiva Attorney stated on record today that documentation proves Cindy Anthony was at work from 8am to 5pm, logged in and entering information on March 17, 2008 specifically from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Now, to jog your memory, Cindy stated, verbatum, "If those computer searches were made during that time (previously referenced) then I made them and would not have been at work." Hmmmm? Take a moment. Reread that, let it sink in. ... ... ... ... ... ... Now, see the dilemma? How could she have been at work, clocked in, and active in the system entering information and be at home at the same time searching chloroform? Well, that's easy! She was working from home... Ah ah ah... Hold your horses. Deborah Polisano, Cindy Anthony's supervisor at Gentiva stated she could not work from home because she was not allowed access to the program from home. So?!? If she didn't make the searches, who did?

     After their testimony, Dr. Goldberger, a toxicologist from the University of Florida was questioned, as was Dr. Warren. Dr. Warren was questioned by the defense regarding Dr. Spitzer not opening the skull of the remains during the autopsy. Dr. Warren stated that it was unnecessary because decomposition had been so high, nothing would have been obtained.

     Stenger was then called back to the stand for information regarding specific keyword searches on the Anthony's home computer. He stated he had found a specific hard hit for the search terms "neck+breaking". He went on to state this was not a pop up but rather, someone had to manually enter in the search terms.  Continuing with computer questioning, Sandra Osborn was questioned about any specific hits for "dogs". She stated one hit was found -- "fleas".  When asked if there were any specific searches for bamboo, Osborn stated there were searches for bamboo figurines, flooring and tiki items. When asked if there was a reference to chlorophyll, she complied, stating there was one hit in the search which was found in the Microsoft dictionary, a component of Microsoft which is installed on the computer.

      Investigator Melich was then called in and questioned about cell phone records, specifically any calls made from Cindy Anthony's cell phone and George Anthony's cell phone. No relevant information was obtained to my knowledge.

     Jury was dismissed and council along with Judge Perry remained in the courtroom. Defense Attorney Cheney Mason made a motion for mistrial which was denied. He then became adament in the matter of counts 1,2 and 3, stating the prosecution had not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter and requested an acquittal on those charges. This motion as well, was denied.

     Closing arguments are scheduled to begin at 8am on Sunday.  When judge gave recess to the court, the camera panned to the defendant. She remained quite, head held down and looked very ill. I imagine the stress of this case has had a big impact on her emotionally, physically and mentally. However, sometimes life's hardest lessons are learned when we are the teacher and the student. No one was there to feel sorry for her daughter.

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