Sunday, July 10, 2011

Conspiracy or Constipation

(As previously seen on The Daily Dose)

Alright. You all know I am an avid conspiracy theorist. From Bush and 9/11 to believing Algebra is the True Anti-Christ.  So here is my unofficial CSI report, based on testimony (or lack there of) from the Casey Anthony Trial.

Casey Anthony is charged with murdering her daughter, filing a false report and a plethora of other minor charges. So it's fair to say, she's about to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Ashton for the State and Baez for the Defense... And they like to argue in front of the judge.

Here is my opinion.

Casey Anthony lived at home with her mother, father and brother in Florida.  Casey was abused by her father, including but not limited to molestation and sexual misconduct. Subsequently, Casey became impregnated by her father. The mother, being dilusional and estranged, failed to acknowledge the pregnancy because she was ecstatic for the birth of her grandchild. The brother found out about it, tried to let the cat out of the bag and was told by the mom to let it alone and let it go. Casey, already scared and out of fear for her daughter that she may later become her father's sexual toy, took Caylee's life. Now, to prevent even more drama (like there could be more, right?) She creates this elaborate story line full of fictious caretakers and stories of drowning.

What a shame!

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