Monday, July 18, 2011

Anger & Intolerance are the Enemies of Correct Understanding

Good Morning fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,
     You know it's going to be good if it's out before lunch. Yes folks, I've thought about this blog all night, only I couldn't post it before now because my typing can literally be heard in the deepest recesses of the ocean, and hubby can't sleep through it! So, I ask that you ready your minds for a different look at the latest.

     In Miranda v. Arizona 384 U.S. 436 (1966), the Supreme Court ruled that certain rights are given to anyone facing a criminal charge and those rights include "remaining silent, having the right to an attorney, which can be provided to you if you cannot afford one, and the right not incriminate yourself (under the 5th Amendment)" Now, I know you've all seen a movie or program depicting an officer reading a person their rights. And if you have a craving for comedy, you know from Ron White that you have the right to remain silent... but you may not have the ability.  But what if the ability was lacking and you were completely unaware of it.

     Which brings me to the issue at hand. My local media outlet headlines their morning post on face book stating, "Casey Anthony Lies Low on First Day of Freedom" and truthfully, I can't blame her. From what her attorney, Cheney Mason says, the entire nation is waiting to lynch her. But the part that I find rather amusing is, with her narcissistic behavior, you know this is driving her crazy.

     For two years, she was sometimes in the spotlight. For the last 8 weeks, she has been at the forefront of nearly every news program, Report talk show and a vast number of face book sites. But she can't be involved in anything now out of fear for her own life. Granted, she walked down a Murder Charge, leaving Orlando County Jail a mere minutes after midnight in a grand scheme of secrecy. Now she has to lay low to save her life... But the question remains: Can she do it?

     Having the right to remain silent in a court case differs from the behavioral disorder commonly associated with Casey Anthony. Currently, she has no charges against her, which would mean she is free to say and do (within the limits of the law) whatever she would like. However, the expressions given to the public by her attorney's leads us to believe she is afraid. But I beg to differ. This self inflicted silent treatment must be playing havoc on the 27 other people living in her head. I know, I know, she was found competent to stand trial according the an MMPI test she was evaluated with. But even her lawyers stated she was a liar (among other things) and it is clearly evident that she suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder

     And with this disorder, one can only assume a fear is involved. Fear in itself is a response to a perceived threat that is consciously recognized as a danger. Causative factors may include separation from one's support system in a potentially threatening situation such as hospitalization, diagnostic test, or treatment; knowledge deficit or unfamiliarity; language barrier; sensory impairment; and phobic stimulus or phobia. Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten or ignored or forgetting. Perhaps the MMPI doesn't go far enough into the psyche for this to have been found, but would it have made a difference if it did?

     A doctor found her competent. Basically, she was not temporarily insane. Whatever factors associated with Casey Anthony, the disappearance and tragically, the death of her daughter, could all be summed up with dissociation. She removed herself from the situation completely. Dissociation is the psyche's reaction to unbearable pain whereby the usual synchronous elements of the psyche, such as awareness, mood-regulation, and memory consolidation lose their usual integrated function. Could this be why she doesn't know what really happened?

     Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome is not widely known but was theorized by Sergei Korsakoff, a neuropsychiatrist. Several case studies have been performed regarding this syndrome and it has been noticed in pop culture through televisions shows such as House and Royal Pains. Davey Volner won the 81st Glascock Prize for his poem entitled, "Korsakoff Syndrome" which really shows the conveyance of forgetfulness and story-telling. But it isn't the fame of the syndrome that you look for: the symptoms are the bread and butter to this defense. Those symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Anterograde (Antegrade) Amnesia - Loss of memory after a tragic event
  • Retrograde Amnesia - Loss of memory before a tragic event
  • Confabulation - that is, invented memories which are then taken as true due to gaps in memory sometimes associated with blackouts
  • Meager content in Conversation - Conversation lacks quality and content: Short, closed answers to questions
  • Lack of Insight - simply put, a lack of interest or understanding
  • Apathy - a person loses interest in things quickly and generally appear indifferent to change
     With this information, we can arrive at the summation that Casey Anthony may truly not remember what happened and therefore, can not be held responsible. Unless, her prior actions before the onset of Korsakoff's Syndrome was her fault. Heavy drinking, drug use, dietary disregard, etc. If that is the case, she should still be held accountable.
     The majority of you know I have not had many good things to say about Casey Anthony. The majority of the nation would proclaim their undying hatred for this woman. I can not object to their solid opinions. However, I would not be fair to myself if I did not look at all aspects of this case. Even for someone as cold as Casey Anthony, to show no remorse for her daughter's death, I must be true to myself. And in that truth comes a different outlook. To take a step outside of the box, breathe deep and look at other angles. This angle is not a far cry different than those of which the media has stated repeatedly. However, I've yet to see any solidarity, any reports, and thoughts that she may in fact suffer from this catastrophic disorder. We, as human beings, with the ability to think, feel, and object, all have one facet of desire: To understand. And through understanding, we can educate ourselves and others that things are not always as they seem.

     Albert Einstein said, "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding."  If it is peace we seek, it is understanding that we must find.  

     Until tomorrow,

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