Friday, July 15, 2011

How About Fang Justice

Hello fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,

     If you've seen my face book profile, you will know that I am morbidly obsessed with vampires: from sparkly Edward Cullen to blood drinking Eric Northman, to those who reside in Morganville, Texas. (Not really, but in Rachel Caines novels, they do!). So it should be no surprise that I would tie them in eventually to a wonderful blog for you to devour!

     "In Morganville, you never want to leave... and even if you do, well, you can't... Sorry about that."  The famous lines repeated throughout each of Rachel Caines Morganville Vampires Series Novels. And I couldn't help but relate them to this case. You see, Casey Anthony is like the cure for the vampires demise. Only, you can't bite her, for fear that her blood is toxic rather than remedial. But you can't help but follower her around, wondering... Or for those Twilight fans, Casey is something akin to Bella Swan... (what an ironic coincidence)!!! Bella's scent is like Edwards own personal brand of heroine. He follows her. He sees her fall and he's there to catch her. Though Bozo-Baez is nothing like Edward, he is Casey's Edward.

     So let me tie it together.  Many of you are keeping up with the Casey Anthony parade. I can't think of another name for it, but that one really suits, don't you think?  Today, I seen numerous reports about her demise. No, not mortally but financially. She is being sued by a number of people. From Tim Miller and Equusearch to Linda Drane Burdick and the state for recoup on search costs. The IRS even wants their share of the $285,000 that Crazy and Bozo acquired while she was out on bail. And then comes the defamation suits. Two so far. One by the expected Zanaida Gonzolez and, what's this? A surprise! Roy Kronk. You remember him. He was the one that the bounty hunter defamed during the 2 previous years of this facade. Kronk is also the one who found the remains.

     But you can't stop there with the drama and shenanigans that come with this entire case. Remember 3 years ago today, when Casey and her mother contacted the LE to state Caylee was missing? Remember how we seen Casey partying? Remember how she looked so concerned for her missing child that she stayed up all night listening to rock music and drinking with her buddies? Do you remember a man by the name of Anthony Rusciano? You SHOULD!

     Deputy Anthony Rusciano stated he briefly met Crazy at a party. He told his superiors their relationship did not exist and it was merely a chance meeting that never occurred again. And his nose grew 3 feet long that night! Because when forensics finished analyzing Crazy's computer, they found some missing information that Rusciano failed to disclose. This information led to another meeting with Rusciano, who again stated he had no relationship with Crazy. Well, go ahead and click here and read this interoffice memo! You might be surprised! See the memo here.

     Now, let that sink in for just a minute... Times up! What that basically says is, "yes, Rusciano, we know you were banging that broad, and it just isn't the right time for you to be doing that, so we gotta let ya go. No hard feelings. This isn't personal."

     Well, maybe not for them. But I do not recall him ever being called as a witness to testify to his relationship with Crazy or for that matter, in my opinion, he is very much a suspect considering the dates and times that he was acquainted with Crazy. It was August 2008... Just a month after Caylee was reported missing. How convenient for her to be sleeping with a law enforcement officer after her daughter has disappeared. Hmmmm??!!??!!

     Now, let's look at Richard Cain. The officer who was called out to the woods by Kronk in an effort to locate the skull Kronk reported seeing. He did not resign until May 22, 2009. Five months and eleven days after the body was discovered, he resigns?? WTH??? Why not resign December 11th, when you realized you dropped the damn ball? Why not resign when you care not about fully investigating a tip, rather than brush it off? Were you sleeping with the enemy, too??? 
     For two years, Kronk's name is ran through the mill. And in my opinion, he has every right and standing under the law to sue Padilla for defamation. See the full report where Kronk sues Padilla for defamation here.

      I can only say this case is going to get even more strange. Zanaida Gonzolez, the poor woman who was basically railroaded by Casey's Crazy Train, also has grounds for her lawsuit. Lost her job, evicted, shunned, threatened, lived in her vehicle... All the while, Crazy is in jail eating premium chicken breasts and sleeping until noon or better. Originally, Crazy was to be deposed by Keith Mitnik, attorney for Gonzolez, prior to her release Sunday. However, the presiding judge recused himself (for matters which have yet to be disclosed, but I'm sure he was probably getting a little sidebar action from Crazy, too)... So, the new judge has ruled that Crazy will receive her subpoena for depositions scheduled on October 8, 2011. That gives her just enough time to create a plethora of new imaginary friends, change her appearances and possibly skip the country. Way to go Justice! No, she will probably hang around, draw a little more attention to herself and then, once the spotlight is on her full force, she will drag us under with more lies, stories, and poor me excuses. And I'll have to pour me a shot to deal with it!
     Now, to face the facts. Crazy isn't stupid. She is really rather smart in her ways of convincing 12 village idiots that she was innocent. The state did everything they could to prove her guilt, but the lies and stories expaned the timeline so broad, there was no physical evidence. The jury knew what had been presented but failed to acknowledge their own guts. And now Crazy walks away scott free from murder. She's appealing her 4 guilty charges and is being sued by every Tom, Dick and Harry for monetary damages because of her elaborate stories. But the truth of the matter is, she will remain hidden from society, except for court appearances until she gets a grand total of damages. She'll likely file bankruptcy and stay low key for another 6 months. Then when the talk of Casey "Crazy" Anthony has died down, and she is realizing her Bella Vita life isn't all it's cracked up to be, she will make her television News debut, only when she is paid a couple million for her appearance on the highest bidders program. And she'll have her bella vita life for real.

     Sadly, all the millions of people who have put their lives on hold to see her fall, will be wishing they had never turned on the television, read the paper, or searched the web for the woman named Casey Anthony. But in Morganville, where the vampires roam, and the protection is offered only by bracelet and blood taxes, will there be justice...   And when you look at Casey compared to the Vampires in Morganville or True Blood or even Twilight... hell, even Vampires can't think this shit up! Because vampires don't need the law... They have fangs!

     Until tomorrow (or when I recover)

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