Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today, Everything is a Conflict of Interest

Hello fellow bloggers, readers and passers-by,

     Today of all days, I wake up with a headache. Eased it with a cup of coffee and two tylenol. I enjoy mild conversation with my neighbor as we wait for the bus to pick up the kids for their transition classes at school. The bus arrives and I see the driver. In the tears of yesterday, when my baby got on the bus, I didn't pay much attention to the driver. No, it wasn't out of concern that the driver was incompetent, because I trust our school district to hire the best. But today, a revelation came to mind. Schools employ teachers, custodians, cooks, a principle, an assistant, some bus drivers and a gob of others who make the school year function properly. But today was different. I noticed the bus driver today. She looked familiar. And after speaking with my daughter, I find out that the bus driver is a teacher. Now, do not take what I'm saying out of context. I'm all for women's lib and for equal pay for equal work, and all that jazz. But I found it remarkably odd that a teacher was driving the bus.

     Part of what bothers me about this is the socio-economical factor. When I was in school, we had fancy kids, middle class kids, and those reaching well below poverty level. I was in the middle and luckily, I didn't have to ride the bus. However, in my opinion, teachers are to teach. Bus drivers are to drive. When you begin mixing the two, you have a conflict of interest. I realize that the majority of teachers do not show differences among their students as far as their students' 'income' is concerned. But I still see a difference. I seen it when I was in school, but paid no attention to it. I seen it where I worked as an Early Childhood Development Technician and I still see it.

     But how in the world does that show a conflict of interest? Well, if you are a teacher, flogged with 20+ students a day for roughly 9 months out of the year, you pick your favorites. And I suppose that is nearly impossible not to do (just as long as it doesn't make other children feel less involved or appreciated). But for the same teacher to see the area the child lives in, may cause them to be judgemental toward the child. And you can't tell me it wouldn't. I'm not saying every child is treated unfairly because of their economical status, but it does play a small part. So why not take away the advantage for someone to claim this, and in the same way, provide a job for another person, the sole bus driver. Lord knows, someone out there needs a job!

     A conflict of interest is seen all over the world. Take Joze Baez for example... (you knew I'd get to it! Calm down!) If you read my other posts, specifically Ringling Brothers and... Jose Baez?!?, you know a little background on his education. And you know the Florida Bar had reservations about allowing him to practice law in the state of Florida... But what you may not know is something a little more discrete.

     According to a 2010 news article, Jose Baez purchased a home in Kissimmee, Florida for the large sum of $670,000. And is in the process of losing it to foreclosure. Now, I've been there, and I can completely feel his pain in possibly losing his home. BUT, you shouldn't buy outside of your means, and this man shows he is frivilous when it comes to finances. He was not allowed to practice law because of a lack of financial responsibility. 

     At this point I would go into a rage about the direct conflict of interest between Baez being Casey's attorney. Not because I feel she should have a decent lawyer, but because Baez's house that is in foreclosure would have him being represtented by one Mark Lippman, who happens to be the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony... But I can't say that! Because he is NOT Baez's attorney for his foreclosure proceedings. Talk about a major buzz kill.

     So, this entire blog, while it would have been a major adrenaline rush, is actually just a patch of sour worms. ♪♫ I never liked the taste of crow, but baby... I ate it!  ♪♫

Think I'll take a personal day tomorrow and regroup... cause like Baez, I'm grasping at straws!

Until day after tomorrow,

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