Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Onymous World of Anonymous

Good Afternoon fellow bloggers, readers, and passers-by,

     Today's blog is simply stated in the title. To bear a name and not reveal it. Simply put, in today's world, our virtues are not about safe sex, or keeping marriage between a man and a woman*or even protecting our children. Our virtues lay in technology: keeping out of the ever watchful eye of big brother. No, not God -- the Internet.

     Oh, how I love the web. I can sit for hours on end and literally sate my appetite by reading page after page of information. I'm a brain junkie and I accept that. But what I did not take into account is how much of 'me' is out there. Yes, I know, when I post a picture and then delete it, the picture never really 'goes away'. And that when I put my name on something, I become a possible victim of tumultuous affair of technological proportion. But what I found even more interesting, "you can find never-ending information about OTHER people!"

      Ah, the glory of eavesdropping on a person's history that is to be assumed, 'private' or that would rattle the brain if exposed. And I have the web burning last night! I used google, white pages, people search, pipl, and a gob of other sites, not paying one red cent and discovered a myriad of information about people. I did not find social security numbers or other legally protected information, therefore, I committed no crime. And I would not post anything with the culpable intent of harming anyone, albeit, the information may be a little risque. Anything I post on this blog, was discovered through web searches (with the help of some web juror friends). Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the bounty! The Justice For All information-a-thon!

     This picture was posted on a face book site for people to peruse. The name of the person pictured is one, Christina Baez. With the help of the web, I can tell you the following:

  • Her middle initial is A.
  • Her DOB is February 17, 1985
  • She has three misdemeanor charges of DUI, dated 10/13/06, 7/31/07 and 11/30/07.
  • Her fines for theses charges were, $250, $1,000 and time served, respectively.
  • Her biological mothers name is Angela Virginia (Baez) Conway.
  • According to Fox Reports, she works for Florida Defense Attorney Jose A. Baez, her father. (The extent of her employment functions are not discussed or known at this time).
  • Her cell phone number was found in Cindy Anthony's contacts list, according to an Investigative Discoveries website. (Visit their page to find an enormous amount of documents, interviews and information about the case).
  • She is NOT to be confused with the Kristina Chester, the woman whom Casey spoke to during the first phone call she made from jail.
     It gets better!

     According to White, several phone number listings are found for one, Lorena M. Baez. In addition, these phone numbers are also represented by one, Xinia M. Pachon, in reference to a business called XL solutions. You can view the the business registration here.  You can view Pachon's resignation from the business here.  You might be interested to know that one, Lorena Baez, is the president of that company. Online searches did not reveal what the business pertained to but the current status is inactive.

     Searching face book, I found a Xinia Pachon, whose friends list contains the name Lorena Baez. However, searching through the previous wall posts for Lorena Baez, I could not determine if she is Jose's wife. On that same token, and I'm speculating, it would be hard to imagine that two people by the same name, living in the same area, in the same age range (40-44), both tied to the same business, sharing friends on face book, would NOT be the correct ones. According to Broward County, Xinia Pachon had a small claims case filed November 2009, which appears to be a vehicle claim, as the defendant is Geico General Insurance. Very irrelevant, but info, nonetheless.

     Oh, Baez's ex-wife, mother of Christina A. Baez, apparently remarried after her divorce with Baez. She was listed on multiple sites as having two other children, Enrique A. Bermudez and Elsa C. Bermudez. But her last name is now Conway. She is currently married to Timothy James Conway, Jr. Together, they have resided in Coral Gables, Miami, Miami Springs, and Orlando. The only address currently listed on any site is 1160 Oriole Ave in Miami Springs.

     Lastly, we come to Jose Angel Baez, DOB 11/17/68. Yes, Mr. Jose Baez, dammit, I can't stay away from him! It's like he has some magnetic pull over me. Not because I feel sorry for him, but because it is so easy to think ill OF him. Not because he is a living being, but because he shows total disregard for the system... I'll say it again... He has total disregard for the system. But LaVonda, how can you say he has TOTAL disregard? I'll tell you how I can say that.

     We seen for a solid 35 days, this mans courtroom behavior. His blatant whining sessions at sidebar. His never-ending line of objections that were over-ruled the majority of the time. Even Judge Perry became irritated with the man. And Ashton really got to him and I can't say that I wouldn't have done the same thing, snickering behind my hand at his feeble attempt at a closing argument. But that is only the latest. We remember his camera shot. And you may remember Baez was licensed in 2005 to practice law, but only under close scrutiny of his financial status by the Florida Bar. But it was in 2009 when Baez first went under investigation by the Florida Bar since his license was obtained. That case was later dropped. But in February of this year, a second investigation was launched regarding information about documents that were to be entered into evidence during the Casey Anthony trial. You can read the interview with Brad Conway here. What was interesting is this. Brad Conway was George and Cindy's attorney, but later dropped them as clients prior to the interview. And I was unaware that Mark NeJame was also their attorney, but dropped them because they failed to follow his advice. Hmmm, seems weird, doesn't it?

     But that is not the only show of disregard Baez has for law and order. The following information confirms my statement of TOTAL disregard:
  • on 2/12/04, he failed to yield at a red light and was fined $83.00
  • on that same stop, he was also fined for seat belt violations, $49.00
  • on 3/17/04, he was caught speeding and fined $48.00
  • on 7/2/08, he failed to update his vehicle registration and was fined $92.50, but he failed to pay. Only after he received a notice that his license were suspended for non-payment did he finally update his registration.
     You didn't think it ended there, right? For people who obey the laws, they would have stopped after the first ticket, but not Baez!
  • on 2/17/11, he did it again. He failed to update his vehicle registration. Again, he did not pay and again, he received notice of suspended license. He paid the $92.50 fine, but this time, his license were not reinstated until documentation of Traffic School Completion had been submitted to the courts.

     But as wonderful as the Internet may be, it is very dangerous. Identity theft runs rampant and it is all too easy for 'stalkers' to find their victims. But it is also a way for people to express their concerns, opinions and to rant <-- my particular brand of poison!

     When it is used for wrong-doing, however, it becomes a true threat.  And when tempers flare and opinions are strong enough, the unthinkable occurs. J. Cheney Mason, defense attorney for Casey Anthony, received death threats after the defendant was acquitted on 1st degree murder charges. His wife, Shirley Ann Mason made the 911 call. While having information at your fingertips is monumental in today's society, the use of it for harm is not acceptable.

     Mike Fitzpatrick said, "The freedom to connect to the world anywhere at anytime brings with it the threat of unscrupulous predators and criminals who mask their activities with the anonymity the Internet provides to it's users."

     If we are constantly trying to hide who we are, are we denying our selves the right to identify with who we are, or are we hiding behind the facade that what we are denies who we are, and if what we are isn't published, they won't connect the two?  You be the judge.

     Until tomorrow,
    *I do not oppose same sex marriage. I do not agree with it, but I refuse to stand in the way of someones happiness!

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