Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Think Tank

Hello fellow Bloggers, Readers and Passers-by,

     I want you to think about your childhood. Think about that time you were in school, maybe on the playground or even in the cafeteria. Remember that one kid who always got everything they wanted: Swings, monkey bars, extra milk or pizza? Remember how that child would act out if they didn't get it, throwing fits, disrupting class, spilling their trays to get more? And while you kept quiet, inside your were busting at the seams to yell, cuss, rant and tell that kid off! Teachers caved at the onset of the issue, giving in to that child's every whim. And yeah, occasionally that child would be sent to the Principles office, only to come back smiling because while she was getting a one on one with the big man, you were busy working on that dreaded math test! That smile that made your skin crawl, both with envy and hatred: Envy that they missed the test and you didn't and hatred that she got away with her intentions?? Remember??

     Thought so. Now, I want you to think about who this sounds like in the world today. Who do we often hear about on media sites, face book pages, and BLOGS that have consumed us entirely? Who have we allowed to take away our time from work, our families, sex life, etc., because we are so eager to hear the next gripping detail? Yeah, you're shaking your head... You know!

     Casey Anthony, right? That narcissistic attitude is so easily seen in her behavior, her actions, her lies, and her attempts to defeat us over and over again, hiding behind her lowly attorney, who happens to be so poor, he's losing his home, but can still afford those vaca's in Paris!

     Then, tonight, while sharing with the masses on face book, each page I can find that shows just how funny the entire thing is, an epiphany occurred, and it was great! See, all this time, I've been spreading the exact thing she wants us to spread. Attention is attention whether it's negative or positive -- albeit, she would settle for a bottle of Jack and a guy named Jose. But I digress.

     When a child is craving attention, not because they are 'spoiled' to it, but when they feel they won't survive without it, they will begin doing destructive things: throwing, hitting, fighting, cussing, ignoring, being defiant, acting out, lying... whatever it takes to get a rise out of someone...

     And the world has a hard on for her! So stiff it would break a plate glass window at 2 mph...

     The sad part is, in our passionate attempt to show how much we dislike her, for 24 hours, she trended Twitter, Yahoo and Google.  That is attention. New face book pages burst up with catch-phrases such as "1 Million Strong Against Casey Anthony", petitions out the wa-zoo for poor little Caylee. Even pages for the key leaders, Jeff Ashton, Linda Drane Burdick, J. Cheney Mason, and Jose Baez. This is attention. Not to mention the hundreds of email that myself, along with hundreds more, sent to newspapers, television news broadcasters, publishing houses, etc., threatening a boycott should they pay any person from the case/trial a penny for an interview. This is attention. More so, the pages made on face book, NOT ALL, but many, are used in such a manner as to show complete disregard, nearly to the point of slander. BAD! That particular speech is not covered under the First Amendment and you should err' on the side of caution to ensure you aren't breaking the law.

     LaVonda, pull this all together, your rambling!

     Alright. With all this pent up energy, and with us being humans with a carnal drive to want the truth; crave the truth, we have forgotten one little thing. A would be 6 year old with the biggest brown eyes and loving smile. That tender voice that breaks our hearts. That little girl who was slaughtered in the name of attention. I can't tell you what to do.

     But I can tell you what I'm going to do. From this moment forward, I will not be associated with the 'hate' pages: only the ones who support Caylee and the hundreds of thousands of other children who have become victims of abuse. The time has come for us to decide: Continue giving the attention Casey Anthony craves, or do just what we should... Let go.

     I know, I know, "LaVonda, what are you thinking? We can't stop now, we've got her on the run!"... I beg to differ. It is so hard to forgive because you might think you're "letting the other person off the hook" by forgiving them. In fact, forgiving is for you, not the other person. Forgiveness allows you to return to love, to the good person you truly are.

     Forgiving is hard because you might think you're "condoning" the other person's actions by forgiving them. In fact you're not. Forgiving is simply a matter of letting go of anger and resentment, and taking responsibility for your own emotional and physical situation.

     When you refuse to forgive, you might feel like you're punishing the other person, when in fact you're only punishing yourself.  And there are a lot of us who have punished ourselves by hanging on to the anger and resentment we have not only toward Casey and her defense attorneys, but to the jury, the media, the publishers, the interviewers, all of it. And it's going to be hard to forgive ourselves.

     So, in spite of it all ( and I do not condone spiteful behavior, but that whole carnal thing kicks my ass sometimes...), wouldn't it make more sense to really bust the media's balls... Make them think we would buy the book, watch the movie or sit in front of the telly while Geraldo and all the other high-rollers interview her, just to turn around and walk the other way... Think of how many books will line the shelves... Think of the payback that would give them! That is my idea of revenge... if I were a revengeful person o-O!

     And you know, I often excuse myself by believing God can't hear what I'm thinking so it's ok if I let a curse word slip in my mind or make a silent judgement call when I see something I don't immediately agree with. But when push comes to shove, what we think is often how we truly feel, and feelings come from the heart, and that is where my Jesus lives. So he knows. He knows.

     “If you are attached to any event, this will prevent you from moving on to better things. It is like a fence that keeps you inside your past.” ~Unknown

     Be the change you want to see in the world! 


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