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The Double Edged Sword

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Through nearly 24 hours of extensive ranting, cursing and swearing on all things holy, I have come to but one conclusion: The Double Edged Sword saves no one, lest we forget about the ones the sword killed, saving them from what could be a miserable life at the hands of their caregivers. This sword had it's hand in the fates of many, but the one most closest to our heart: Caylee Marie Anthony. From this moment on I will not refer to her biological maternal carrier by name but rather the 'devious one'. Not because of the hatred that one can carry for her, but for the simple fact that its the nicest name I could think of and it suits her in my honest opinion.

Just to recap, the devious one, charged with 7 counts, Murder in the 1st degree, Second Degree Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse and 4 counts of lying to law enforcement officials. The jury deliberated a little less than 11 hours and came back with a verdict of not guilty. The devious one was found guilty of 4 counts of lying to Law Enforcement Officials. Court had been in session for 35 days. Can we say Jury Nullification?!?

Today, Judge Belvin Perry sentenced her to the maximum, 1 year for each guilty charge to run consecutively. However, with her time already served, and we all know she was a little angel, she will be released Wednesday, July 13, (updated) Sunday, July 17, 2011.  But she will not just walk out the front doors like the other folks. No, she has acquired so much fame already, she will have a secret exit. It is unknown if she will remain in protective custody while she waits out her last hours in jail. Nevertheless, this moment of fame will be short lived. Amidst all the lies and webs of deceit she has spun, many have been victimized by her. The real Zanaida Gonzalez is suing the devious one for defamation of character. I've also been informed that a search and rescue company went bankrupt trying to assist in locating little Caylee -- when the devious one KNEW she was already dead. Furthermore, the state of Florida is seeking reimbursement for the costs of the court case due to her lying which delayed the case and for scientific analysis because of the delay in finding the body.

But in turn, the devious one may not suffer those law suits. Less than 24 hours after being found not guilty, the devious one has received book offers, with one company offering one million dollars for her memoirs. There has also been talk of a movie deal. But the sickest, most disgusting offer: A role in a porn movie. Yeah, that went over real well with the porn fans... Boycotting, picketing, and face book blew up. Needless to say, that offer was rescinded! I guess even the porn kings know when enough is enough!

But more over, I will not waste your time (or mine) going over this same depressing news. Because this entire thing was suppose to be about Justice for Caylee, so we are going to commend those who remember why we are here.

On Wednesday, July 6th, less than 24 hours after the verdict had been read, Face book, Twitter, and Google had lag time because of all the comments, tweets and searches. What were they searching you ask? I'll tell you.

Outside the Orange County Courthouse after the verdict.

 Face book blew up! Twitter exploded after the verdict came out. Google was hit hard with searches for the verdict. In addition, hundreds of vigils were held on face book, from turning on your porch light to writing Florida law makers. But those face book pleas did not go unnoticed. A petition was started on several online sites which received record numbers. And by 8pm that night, a Florida lawmaker had a proposal for a new law, adequately called 'Caylee's Law' which would in short make it a felony for a parent or caregiver not to report their child missing in adequate time. In addition, should that child's fate result in death due to not being reported, they can be charged with first degree murder. It's too little too late for Caylee, but perhaps this will save another child's life. I suppose sometimes, you have to give a little to save a lot. Tragically, Caylee's life was taken and we can hope and pray that her justice is found.

We are supporters of Caylee, supporters for the truth, and apparently are not the only ones upset with the verdict. According to HLN reports, Juror #3 stated, "I did not say she was innocent," continuing, "we are sick to our stomachs".  Judge Perry stated he did not want to release the names at of the jurors, but should they want to come forward, he will not hold them in contempt. He stated, "their names being held silent is a right of their privacy." 

Juror #6 was reported to have been declining any interviews unless a five-figure monetary offer was made. In addition, he stated he did not know anything about the case, but it was reported that his wife watched it from day 1, when Casey was first charged. I believe in my heart of hearts there was a breach in the jury that caused this case to go south.

Dr. Drew interviewed Jeff Ashton, Prosecutor in the case on Wednesday night. Ashton did not, in any way act inferior to the case. He commended the jury for doing what they thought were best and did not have any ill feelings towards Baez and his cronies... I mean, legal team of lawyers! :)  HOWEVER, Cheney Mason was not so mature about the matter. In his statement to the press he said, "Well I hope that this is a lesson to those of you who have indulged in media assassination for three years, biased and prejudice, and incompetent talking heads saying what would be and how to be. I'm disgusted by some of the lawyers that have done this and I can tell you that my colleagues from coast to coast and boarder to boarder have condemned this whole process of talking about Casey as if they don't know a damn thing about her... ...Now you know..." Honestly, I couldn't make out the entire conversation of him and the microphone and I'm not sure the reporters could either, but you get the general idea of what Mumbles is doing. He is turning this around into a negative just to gain his client a little popularity on the "poor poor pitiful Casey train"... I do NOT want a ticket and I am not buying it!

Cheney Mason, Defense Lawyer for
Casey Anthony

Seen celebrating in a bar down the street from the court house just hours after the verdict was in, this photo was captured. It's speculation on why he done this, but with his press statement after the verdict was out, he was none too pleased with the reporters and lawyers who provided commentary though out the trial. Shame on you Cheney! But this will not go unnoticed with the Florida Bar.

But Mother Nature isn't happy with the jury's decision either. During a storm just hours after the sentencing, lightening struck a tree yards from where Caylee's remains were found. Interviews with people near the area were warmhearted with the natural event saying justice may not be today, but it will be. Others believing a higher power would take care of this matter. To see the report, click here.

William Morris Agency has been verified as the publishing company for Casey's memoirs. You can hear a distant relative comment on her thoughts, Casey's book deal and her possible future in Texas here.

Caylee Marie Anthony
June 16, 2005 - December 11, 2008

 So as I close this extremely lengthy blog post, I share with you the greatest concern for children all over the world, near and far, in hopes that their voice can be heard. One voice will not do it, two will not do it. But with many voices, we can reach the heavens. We can't back down. We shall stand strong, firm in our beliefs that children have the right to live their lives in a loving and caring environment. Where they are put first and the wants of their parents are not. Where lies are not tolerated by the 'grown ups'. Where children are allowed to flourish, succeed and love as they are loved. Stand strong, supporters of Caylee. Let your voice ring loud!

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